Human Resources

Job Evaluation


All jobs at the University are placed on a Grade from one to nine. Jobs are placed based on our job evaluation methodology.

We are currently revising our approach to placing jobs on a grade, and the following guidance should be referred to. In all cases where a line manager believes that there might be a job grading issue, they should contact their HRBP in the first instance.


  • New jobs

Any new jobs that have not been placed on a grade need to be documented by preparing a job description and an organisation chart and passed to your HRBP. The business case that authorised the creation of the new job will need to be attached. A grade will be determined based on our methodology.


  • Jobs that have changed

Where a job has substantially changed, a business case will need to be presented to explain the need for the change, and what added value the new role has. Only when a business case has been signed off will and job grade be reviewed. N.B. the review will not always result in the grade changing.


  • Restructure projects

Where there is restructure project being undertaken HRBPs will advise on grading issues in the first instance.


  • Promotions

Where an individual is appointed to a role that is already established, the existing grade does not need to change, nor be reviewed.


  • Job Description Template

We are flexible in accepting job descriptions that are presented in different ways. However in order to be sure to catch all the relevant information we recommend the attached format.


Job evaluation forms