How to apply for accommodation

From en-suite bedrooms on campus to student houses in Brighton, there are a range of housing options for you. Discover how to apply for accommodation at Sussex and find a place you can call home.

University student in Sussex housing

  1. Receive online housing application

    We send you the housing application link from February onwards, after you receive your offer from Sussex.

  2. Explore our accommodation

    Look at different housing options on our accommodation pages. You can also go on a campus housing tour at an Open Day.

  3. Consider housing options

    Our accommodation is generally mixed gender, and international and UK students live together. However, you can let us know on your housing application if you:

    • are a mature student and want to live with other mature students
    • want to apply for a quiet area
    • want to live in single-gender accommodation.

    We do our best to house you according to your preferences, but all accommodation is subject to availability.

    If you have a child who will be living with you, find out about our family flats

    Students with health or special requirements

    Let us know on your housing application if you have health requirements. We have some accessible rooms with wheelchair access, as well as rooms and facilities for students who need care support or who have a hearing/visual impairment.

    We try to fulfil reasonable adjustments requests subject to availability. When you apply, give as much notice as possible and include your preferred residence with reasons for why living in this residence would support your needs.

    If you are considering making (or have recently made) a gender transition, you can include this in your application if you wish. We can give you support resources and consider any suitable adjustments.

  4. Choose your housing

    List 10 housing options on your application. You should fill out all options as we can't guarantee you'll get your first choice.

    If you're not happy with your housing after you've moved in, use our swap list (available one week after arrivals weekend) to search for a different room. 

  5. Submit your application

    If you are applying for a course that starts in September 2018 you must submit your online housing application form by 30 June 2018 to be guaranteed housing.

    If you are applying for a course that starts in September 2017 you must apply by 1 August 2017 to be guaranteed housing. 

    If you are a Masters or PhD student applying for a course in September 2017, you must also pay a £300 pre-payment by 1 August to be guaranteed accommodation.

  6. Find out where you're living

    You'll receive your housing offer email between July and September. This email also contains your residence guide, tenancy agreement and start date.

  7. Move in

    You move in on arrivals weekend in September. 

    If you plan to get here after arrivals weekend, contact the Housing Services team so that we don't re-allocate your room. You can't move into your room before arrivals weekend and we don't accept luggage sent in advance.

    Read your tenancy agreement and residence guide to find out what's included in your housing, what you should bring and any prohibited items. 

    You can order items like bedding and kitchen equipment from our online shop. If you bring a TV, you must buy a TV licence.

    When you move in, your Residential Adviser will arrange a welcome meeting and help with any problems.


    Your rent includes basic insurance but if you have valuable items, you can extend your cover with the insurance provider, Endsleigh.


Guaranteed accommodation applications are first sorted by your first choice of housing. They are not allocated on a 'first come first serve basis'.

Special requirements are then taken into consideration and the rest are then allocated. All allocations are subject to availability and some options, like our en-suite rooms and Brighthelm, can be oversubscribed.

Download our Housing Guide [PDF 4.2MB] for more information.

  • Undergraduate students

    You are guaranteed University-managed housing if you:

    • are a full-time, first-year undergraduate student applying through UCAS
    • firmly accept your offer from Sussex
    • submit your application by 1 August.

    If you have an unconditional offer at Sussex and you submit your application before July, you may have more of a chance of getting your first choice of accommodation.

  • Undergraduate students with insurance or clearing offers


    If you are a student with an insurance offer from Sussex, you are not guaranteed University-managed housing.

    You should still apply for accommodation before 1 August. This is so that we can advise you about your accommodation options if you decide to study at Sussex.

    If we can't offer you University-managed housing, we can help you search for private accommodation. 


    If you're a student holding a clearing offer, you are not guaranteed accommodation.

    After you firmly accept your course offer, you can make an online expression of interest in accommodation, so that we can advise you about your accommodation options.

  • Masters and PhD students

    You are guaranteed accommodation if you:

    • are a full-time, first-year PhD student studying for a full academic year
    • are a full-time Masters student from outside the EU.

    You must also pay a £300 pre-payment using our postgraduate application system by 1 August to be guaranteed housing.

    If you are sponsored, or believe that you shouldn't pay the £300 pre-payment, you must send proof to before 1 August.

    We usually allocate you housing with other postgraduate students.

    Pre-payment refunds

    We can only refund the £300 pre-payment if we decline your application, or if you contact us before your tenancy start date to agree that you don't need University housing.

    If you are allocated accommodation and you make your own arrangements, the £300 will not be refunded.

    If your visa has been declined and you can provide evidence of this, we may be able to refund the pre-payment.

  • Pre-sessional students

    If you are already studying a pre-sessional course at Sussex, you must apply for accommodation using the online application form.

    You must submit your application by 1 August to be guaranteed University housing.

    If you are applying for a pre-sessional course, find out more about accommodation on our pre-sessional course pages.

  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) students

    If you are a BSMS student, you receive an email with information on how to apply for housing from the University of Brighton Accommodation Office from March onwards.

    You are guaranteed accommodation if you meet your academic offer requirements, and apply by 1 August.

    You can live in a standard or en-suite room in Lewes Court. In Lewes Court, your tenancy will be 40 weeks long.

    In other housing, your tenancy is 39 weeks long. This may mean that you have to move in your last week of studies.

    Contact the University of Brighton Housing office for more information at

  • Visiting and exchange students

    Full year

    If you are a visiting or exchange student studying for a full academic year, you apply for housing using the online application form and the Sussex Abroad Office will send you information about housing.

    Part year

    If you are studying at Sussex for part of the year, we may arrange, or help you arrange, privately rented accommodation. This includes renting a room in the house of a private landlord.

    If we offer you University-managed housing, you must pay a £50 fee.

  • Foundation-year students

    If you have a foundation-year offer, you can apply for guaranteed housing for your first year of study (Year 0) at Sussex using the online housing application form.

    You are not eligible for housing in your second year of study (year 1 of your course), however we can help you to look for housing in the private sector.

  • International foundation-year students

    If you are an International Foundation Year student, you can find out how to apply apply for guaranteed housing at Sussex on the International Study Centre (ISC) website.

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