Sussex Estates and Facilities

Sustainable Travel

Campus Bike Racks

The University of Sussex is dedicated to providing our students and staff with ample cycling facilities, through the provision of bike racks across campus and sufficient shower facilties. Cycling facilities can be found outside of every major building and accommodation on campus; you can take a look at our map of bicycle parking on campus for more information.

The University is also involved in the Brighton & Hove Bike Share scheme, which went live in September 2017. The scheme allows Brighton and Hove residents to rent the bicycles under a range of affordable tariffs, with solar powered docking stations now present outside of the Sports Centre by the western entrance to campus. The University is also signed up to a Cycle to Work scheme for University staff, and provides a reduced rail scheme through EasIt, which help to reduce the the scope 3 emissions associated to staff commuting to work

Falmer campus is connected to central Brighton by a cycle lane running along the length of the A27/Lewes Road.

For more information on cycling at Sussex, visit our Cycling transport page.

Parking for electric cars

Nine electric car charging points are available for use by all drivers permitted to park in the Jubilee multi-storey car park, i.e. currently those with a campus parking permit or a pass to park. If you own an electric car and wish to use these charging points, you must first register your electrical vehicle by e-mailing us at Electric vehicle charging is charged at a cost of 15p per kWh (kilowatt hour).

Our charging points are managed by the POD Point Open Charge app, which is available on all iOS and Android devices. Consult the electric charging user guide [PDF 67.44KB] for a full step-by-step on using the Jubilee car park charging points.

Further information on electric charge points can be found on the POD Point website.

Electric Fleet

To further reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and limit our CO2 emissions, we also make use of electric vehicles during our works and maintenance on campus. 8 out of the 19 vehicles owned and utilised by Sussex Estates and Facilities are fully electric and are utilised to complete maintenance, academic cleaning and internal mail delivery functions. We are working towards a full electric fleet but are restricted with limited or no suitable replacements.

We have 7 electric car charge points on campus at present and an additional 9 charging points as part of the new Jubilee Car Park. 

For full details on transportation at Sussex, visit our dedicated Transport page.