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  •  2019

Alcamo, Joseph (2019) Water quality and its interlinkages with the Sustainable Development Goals. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 36. pp. 126-140. ISSN 1877-3435

  • 2018

Joseph Alcamo, Caroline Grundy and Jörn Scharlemann. 2018. Interactions among the Sustainable Development Goals, and why they are important. SSRP (Sussex Sustainability Research Programme), University of Sussex and Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK. 


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06 Nov 2018

Global governance must overcome zeitgeist of mistrust if world environmental issues are to be tackled effectively

Professor Joseph Alcamo, Director SSRP, said high-quality research and closer engagement with citizens around the world was needed to overcome the growing zeitgeist that viewed organisations such as the UN as meddling amid a geopolitical backdrop of cancelled treaties, neglected obligations and frozen negotiations.


21 March 2019

Future Forests: Use them or fence them in?

What should be our policy and attitude towards forests?  Should we continue to use them to enhance our wellbeing, or fence them in to conserve their natural value?  These are two of many critical questions that will be addressed in the 4th SSRP Sustainability Debate on the International Day of Forests by a distinguished panel of experts.