Sussex Estates and Facilities

Re-Use and Recycling

Sussex Estates and Facilities and the University of Sussex are dedicated to encouraging recycling whenever and wherever possible, and as such we ensure that recycling bins are readily available to all University members, as well as full size multiple-recycling units at locations across campus.

Consult our campus recycling map for a complete list of recycling facilities on campus.

Warp It

Warp It (Waste Action Reuse Portal) is an online system designed to allow University staff to both receive supplies and equipment from other departments or businesses, and also give away unwanted materials that were to be thrown away and scrapped. The University of Sussex has been using Warp It since early 2014, which has been continued and supported under SEF as an effective environmental tool.

Warp It is a way to save money and redistribute supplies across the University and local users, which in-turn reduces scope 3 emissions associated to the generation and scrapping of items through the trading of items at minimal cost. At the University of Sussex we have saved over 23,000kgCO2, eliminated 9 tonnes of waste and saved over £56,000. 


In response to the massive waste caused by disposable single use coffee cups across the country, in 2017 SEF, SussexFood and the University installed SimplyCups bins in selected outlets. SimplyCups is a specialised recycling service specifically designed for processed paper cups, allowing the usually wasted materials to be recycled and repurposed, resulting in a massive reduction of non-degradable environmentally harmful waste.

Purpose built recycling bins can now be found in Eat Central, Jubilee and Arts Piazza cafes. It is estimated that 2.5 billion cups are wasted every year in the UK, so the installation of SimplyCups recycling bins will greatly reduce the amount of waste produced by processed cups on campus.

For more information on waste, visit our Waste and Recycling page.