Sussex Estates and Facilities

Sustainable Food

With eight cafes and eateries open daily on campus, maintaining sustainable food sources is a priority at Sussex. To achieve this, SussexFood primarily uses both local and sustainable produce in their products. This includes sustainably sourced fish and free-range eggs, as well as locally sourced milk, meat, fruit and vegetables.

SussexFood also utilises sustainable delivery methods, with 30% of produce delivery vehicles running on bio-diesel, largely from local suppliers to further reduce CO2 emissions during delivery,

For more information on sustainable food sourcing at Sussex, please visit the SussexFood page.

Logo for Fairtrade status, "We are a Fairtrade University"Fairtrade Policy

Following Sussex's historic dedication to adopting Fairtrade as widely as possible, we have successfully renewed our Fairtrade status for 2018, which will be active until at least 2020.

For more information, consult our Fairtrade Policy.