Sussex Estates and Facilities

Staff and Student Engagement

NUS Green Impact (2015-Present)

Sussex Estates and Facilities, the University of Sussex, and the Students Union continue to work collaboratively on the NUS led Green Impact Scheme. The scheme helps to improve the energy awareness of staff working across all sections of the campus. We are working through the third year of participation following improved results reported last year, with four teams achieving the Bronze Award, three teams achieving the Silver Award, and the Sussexsport team achieving the Gold Award for a standout performance. We now have 21 teams, consisting of 84 staff members engaged in the scheme representing areas from the Library, Life Science, Catering and Grounds Maintenance. 

NUS Green Impact programme manager Jo Kemp said: "What teams have been achieving this year is wonderful to see - from innovations to encourage ditching bottled water, to taking strides to help others recycle, the awards have shown what is possible when people work together to make change happen."

"Sussex now has a great opportunity to really take Green Impact organisation-wide and build student and staff partnerships that will make even bigger impacts possible. Well done to all Green Impact teams this year!"

For more information, visit the NUS Green Impact site.

The Student Energy Project (2017-Present)

The Student Energy Project was introduced at the start of the 2017-18 academic year as a trial in the Kings Road student halls of residence, housing 71 active students. This project incentivises students to be more utility efficient and to reduce energy and water waste. The scheme also provides details on training courses, volunteering and recruitment, all with an environmental leaning. We are reporting reduction in all utilities (electricity, gas and water) used so far this academic year in Kings Road against a benchmarked datum, calculated from the three previous year's consumption data.

We are currently working on the logistics involved to enroll all students on campus into The Student Energy Project for the start of the 2018-19 academic year. For more information, visit The Student Energy Project website

Go Green Week (12th - 18th February)

As part of the University’s Go Greener programme to become one of the most sustainable universities in the UK, we supported the national Go Green Week (12-16 February) with a variety of activities run throughout the week.

Go Green Week at SEF: Roundup 2018 

Go Green Week at SEF: Roundup 2019

Engagement Projects (Ongoing)

To ensure that awareness and regular dedication to environmental efforts and sustainability are maintained at the University as a whole, we take steps to engage with staff and students at Sussex to promote sustainability, such as raising awareness of our award-winning solar energy project and undertaking continuing tree planting sessions on campus boundaries. This primarily includes assisting with staff and student engagement into the University's Go Greener campaign, and the drive to maintain and improve sustainability on campus.

We also ensure that the following statement is included within all Employment Contracts:

"To go about duties in a sustainable and resource efficient way, and minimising impacts to the environment wherever possible. To ensure all duties are carried out in accordance with the University's carbon reduction and environmental impact strategies. To promote and encourage positive behaviours among colleagues and students regarding use of resources and waste management, and ethical practices during day to day operations."