Housing Services


During July, August and September we will allocate housing for 5,000 new residents efficiently.
Thank you for your patience during this busy time.

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Students holding unconditional offers who have firmly accepted and applied for housing will be allocated towards the end of July. This means that applicants in this category will normally get one of their top residence preferences.

If you are holding an unconditional offer and want to be included in this category you should ensure you firmly accept your course offer and submit your completed housing application by July. If you apply for housing later (but still by the closing date of 1st August) you will be housed in the second allocation which takes place after A-level results come out, so you are less likely to get your first choice of accommodation.

If you hold an unconditional offer but do not submit a housing application form, you will not be guaranteed University managed housing and will instead receive information on securing either a Homestay place, a room in the private sector or details about our waiting list.

Applicants holding conditional offers who apply for housing will be allocated once A level results are published and we know that they are definitely coming to Sussex. As this is the largest group of students to deal with, the allocation process takes around 2-4 weeks.

For students waiting for results from other examinations, we will allocate your housing as soon as you meet the requirements of your course offer.

Please be patient with us during August and September when the Housing Office will receive an extremely high volume of calls, letters and emails.

Applicants holding insurance or clearing offers who end up studying at Sussex are not guaranteed University managed housing and it is unlikely that we will be able to offer you University managed housing.  Instead, we are likely to provide you with the option of a Homestay place, or assistance to help you secure private sector housing but we will confirm this with you in mid-August, just after release of the A Level results.  We always open a waiting list and every year many Insurance and Clearing Applicants secure University managed accommodation during the first weeks of term.

Timescales: you should still apply on-line for housing as soon as you receive your academic offer as, in the unlikely event that we are able to offer you a University managed room, allocations for insurance and clearing applicants will be made in the date order in which they are received.

Apart from those holding Insurance and Clearing offers, applications are sorted according to what has been put as the first choice of residence. Within these categories, allocation is random (not "first come first served") but notice is taken of other requirements such as quiet flat, all female flat etc.

When a residence has been allocated, any remaining applications for that residence are diverted to the second choice of residence. If that residence is also full, then an application will be diverted to the third choice residence, and so on.

Some residences are more popular than others. For example, our en-suite rooms are over-subscribed, our Brighthelm residence is typically the first preference for four times as many applicants as there are places available and our Park Street residence in our Headlease property portfolio receives many requests too. 

Essentially, all room allocations are subject to availability and we will do our best to meet your preferences, but cannot guarantee to do so. If you have already lived on campus for one year, to be fair to others who have not, if we are able to house you it will usually be off-campus.