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Here at the School of Media, Film and Music we are interested in freedom in society and culture in relation to all kinds of different creations across many different media—film, music, internet, radio, television, apps, books, and more. Across our School we bring together staff and students in many ways with our core concerns to critically analyse these media and their role in society and culture. I am very happy to welcome you to this virtual part of our School.

Media, Film and Music is an exciting School that combines rigorous critical and historical studies of media, film, music, digital and culture with opportunities for creative practice in a range of musical forms and the media of photography, film, radio, and interactive digital imaging. We have newly refurbished photographic, video, digital and electronic music studios, together with a wide range of portable equipment, specialist music facilities, media and music labs, post-production facilities and our specialist media, film and music library, to support your learning. All these practical skills are set in the context of our concern for critically understanding what they mean for our world.

“Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future.”  Albert Camus (Author)

The school offers an exciting and supportive context in which to pursue academic and creative study: to explore how the media in all their forms as technologies, institutions, practices and texts figure in modern life, to develop analytical and creative skills, and to work individually and collaboratively towards the highest standards of achievement. We hope that you will enjoy the opportunities we offer and work with us in ensuring the School’s and your future success and ensuring the practice of freedom in creation that makes our societies.

Professor Timothy Jordan
Head of School


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