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Black Lives Matter

We pledge our support to our Black students and staff across the University. We condemn the violence and terror of racism, particularly within governments and law enforcement bodies tasked with protecting people. Black lives matter.

Recent events are a stark reminder that we can lose no more time in producing the cultural shift we would like to see reflected in the wider society within which we work. We know that we have a role to address racism within the HE sector, to ensure that our staff, students, and curriculum reflect the values that will move us towards justice. Staff and students are critical in helping us all to learn about our shortcomings and these conversations inform our ambitions for the future and feed our commitment to dedicating resources towards making changes.

Whilst many of our students and staff work tirelessly on anti-racist projects already, we acknowledge the labour that this entails, and that that labour is overwhelmingly provided voluntarily. This is not acceptable. We will continue to urge the University to support this work by putting additional actual resources in place. At School level and beyond, we will work to develop increased mental health support for Black students and staff; to improve recruitment practices to ensure more equitable opportunity for Black applicants; to continue our support for decolonising the curriculum; to make training on cultural competency and race equality mandatory for all staff.

Welcome from the Head of School

Since its inception in 1961, the University of Sussex has consistently ranked among the best British universities for the study of arts and humanities.

In 2009 the University brought together four leading programmes - History, Art History, Philosophy and American Studies - into a new dedicated School of study. The subjects we teach focus on the ability to reason, to analyse, to take critical positions and to expound them. Your studies with us will be an intensive high-level training in how to think - whatever your area of study - fitting you with the skills for a wide range of careers.

The School of History, Art History and Philosophy (HAHP) combines high-quality teaching, cutting edge international research and a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Professor Liz James
Head of School

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