Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to change degrees once I'm at Sussex?
We are always very positive about the possibility of transferring, as the first year is very similar across most degrees. If a student wishes to transfer degrees, we would encourage those students to seek immediate advice from their Academic Advisor, who may then be able to recommend transfer to an alternative degree.

Do you go into clearing?
We generally fill our places without difficulty and rarely need to take part in the clearing process.

What is your typical offer?
Our offer differs depending on which degree you apply for. Refer to our Undergraduate Prospectus for typical offers. We consider each application on its own merits before deciding on whether or not to make an offer.

How do I apply?
All applications to study at Sussex must come through UCAS.

I want to take a gap year after my A levels. Should I apply now or wait until next year?
Apply now – if you meet your offer conditions, you will automatically go straight to the top of the pile for the following year. You can then start your gap year knowing that you have a guaranteed place.

I'm a mature student and don't have 'traditional' A level qualifications. Will that disadvantage me in applying?
Not at all. Sussex encourages applications from mature students and is happy to look at any potential candidate, with or without formal qualifications (though you must still apply via UCAS). 

Are there any bursaries or scholarships available?
Yes. Details of the University's schemes are available from Funding.

Where will I live?
Refer to Residences to have a look at our on- and off-campus accommodation. 

Can I visit?
Of course - we encourage students to visit and check out both the campus and the Department. Refer to Visiting us.

Any other questions?
Contact the undergraduate admissions officer:
Dr Hazel Cox