The University of Sussex is one of the best places in the UK to study Chemistry. It has a long history of world-leading researchers and an excellent reputation. Our range of research, our approach to teaching and the support we offer students in terms of one-to-one tutoring sessions and online support is reflected in our rankings in major independent surveys.


Our research covers a broad range of activities and the department has recently added to its traditional strengths of chemical physics, organometallic chemistry and synthetic organic and inorganic chemistry to include new research areas in medicinal chemistry, drug design and delivery and clean energy and fuels.

The broad range of research activities fall into two strategic groupings:

The combination of historically world-leading research and more applied research strands enhance our teaching, giving our M.Chem and B.Sc students both depth in the fundamental aspects of the discipline as well as the exposure to critically important and topical applications of global importance.

What we offer

We offer a number of core undergraduate and postgraduate degrees including the MChem in Chemistry. Our M.Chem degree and BSc degree are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry. This ensures your education at Sussex provides the academic basis for Chartered Chemist status. Chemistry undergraduates, postgraduates and tutors form a friendly and lively intellectual community. The student Chemical Society C60 offers an opportunity to network, socialise and develop new skills.

Key to many aspects of both teaching and research is the provision within the department of state-of-the-art equipment in Mass Spectrometry, NMR, X-Ray crystallography, Microscopy and High Performance Computing facilities that contribute to research within our internationally recognised research groups and to external clients.

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