Department of Informatics

Recent research grants and donations

Grant titleAwarding bodyPeriodAmount
SenseX - Sensory experiences for interactive technologies EU 04/15-03/20 £1,031,368
User interaction with self-supporting free-form physical objects EPSRC 01/16-06/19 £680,160
Breaking the glass: Multimodal, malleable interactive mobile surfaces for hands-in interactions EPSRC 01/16-06/19 £409,641
Mid-air haptic perception Industrial research contract 10/15-09/18 £70,500
An exploration of mobile financial wearables exploiting social media, IoT for travel applications Industrial research contract 09/15-09/18 £36,000
Explaining consciousness as neural dynamical complexity - Dr Adam Barrett EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship 10/13-09/18 £253,830
Odor-background segregation and source localization using fast olfactory processing Human Frontier Science Program 07/15-06/18 £210,104
TIMESTORM - Mind and time: Investigation of the temporal traits of human-machine convergence EU 01/15-06/18 £334,621
A fast method for calculating the proximity matrix in a large-scale dynamic network Industrial research contract 03/15-02/18 £75,000
Centre for the Improvement of Population Health through E-health Research (CIPHER) MRC 03/13-02/18 £45,489*
Cardiac control of fear in the brain EU 06/13-05/17 £1,494,049*
Policing hate crime: Modernising the craft, an evidence-based approach HEFCE Police Knowledge Fund 09/15-03/17 £557,100*
Object believability definition, quantification, and test Industrial research contract 02/16-01/17 £170,000
Innovative technologies for autism: critical reflections on Digital Bubbles ESRC 11/14-12/16 £12,022*
News article categorisation Industrial research contract 09/15-11/16 £8,500
Interact-interactive systems involving multi-point surfaces, haptics and true-3D displays EU 08/15-10/16 £304,026
EvoLang Industrial research contract 02/16-09/16 £45,793
Biomachinelearning: Bio-inspired machine learning for chemical sensing - Dr Michael Schmuker EU Marie Curie Fellowship 09/14-08/16 £171,397
Understanding citizen-generated unregistered health data online Industrial research contract 09/15-06/16 £17,500
Evolutionary systems Industrial research contract 01/16-03/16 £10,540
RICE PADDY - Robotic Imaging for Collecting Environmental Pest and Agricultural Data for Developing Yields STFC 02/15-03/16 £70,111
Human Brain Project: Neuromorphic implementations of multivariate classification inspired by the olfactory system EU 04/14-03/16 £93,210
Knowledge Transfer Partnership: University of Sussex and Leatherhead Food International Ltd Innovate UK 01/13-03/16 £137,670*
INSIGHT II - Darwinian neurodynamics EU 03/13-02/16 £286,445*
Near you now Innovate UK 08/14-01/16 £101,522
Social media in the aftermath of a major rail incident Industrial research contract 01/15-12/15 £14,000
Neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging (NODDI) - A new approach to understanding cellular pathology in MND Motor Neurone Disease Association 06/14-11/15 £91,778
Adaptive and evolvable systems Industrial research contract 11/14-10/15 £142,243
Olfactory interface: Enhancing user experience in the premium vehicle Industrial research contract 04/15-09/15 £63,410
Green Brain - Computational modelling of the honeybee brain EPSRC 10/12-09/15 £335,477
A unified model of compositional and distributional semantics: Theory and applications EPSRC 10/12-09/15 £370,066
Enabling scientific computing with GPUs with domain specific languages and metacompilers - Prof Thomas Nowotny Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship 09/14-08/15 £44,522
In the Hands of the Analyst: Unlocking the value of social media for professional market research Innovate UK 09/14-08/15 £43,623
The Turing Centenary Research Project: Mind, mechanism and mathematics - Dr David Gamez JTF Turing Research Fellowship 07/12-06/15 £75,000
Mobile commerce as a service Technology Strategy Board 03/14-05/15 £124,383
Predictive coding in social perception - Dr Marte Otten EU Marie Curie Fellowship 05/13-04/15 £180,085
How expectations shape awareness - Dr Yair Pinto EU Marie Curie Fellowship 05/13-04/15 £173,294
Plugin narratives EPSRC 10/14-03/15 £3,167
Methods to characterise and monitor data quality in the Clinical Practice Research Datalink - Dr Rosemary Tate CPRD Research Fellowship 03/13-02/15 £183,574
EUCogIII: 3rd European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics EU 02/12-03/15 £39,350
RAEng Enterprise Fellowship - Dr Ian Wakeman Royal Academy of Engineering 02/14-01/15 £82,760
Towards a social media science: Tools and methodologies ESRC NCRM 04/13-09/14 £128,035
Theoretical explanation of the cognitive foundations of creativity Leverhulme Trust 10/10-09/14 £123,557
Fast electronic noses through spiking neuromorphic networks EPSRC eFuturesXD 02/14-08/14 £46,346
Face 2 Face: Tracing the real and the mediated in children's cultural worlds ESRC NCRM 09/13-08/14 £133,497*
CEEDS: The Collective Experience of Empathic Data Systems EU 09/10-08/14 £285,092
Systematic benchmarking of chemical sensory arrays using feature selection and machine learning CSIRO 05/13-04/14 £35,539
Connecting virtual communities to the digital economy through micropayment technologies Technology Strategy Board 03/12-02/14 £505,613

* indicates grants held jointly with other Schools at Sussex; in these cases the full award value is given.

Donation purposeDonorPeriod
The Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science Dr Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation 2010-16
Text analytics doctoral bursaries and research internships donation Anonymous donor 2012-16
Consciousness science donation Anonymous donor 2012