Department of Informatics

Research groups

Research is organised around the following four research groups. Our research often entails collaborations between the groups, as well as with other departments at Sussex and external academic, institutional and commercial partners.

  • Data Science
    The Data Science research group addresses the challenges associated with deriving knowledge from large heterogeneous datasets – with a particular focus on machine learning and natural language processing. For more information, visit the Data Science Research Group website.
  • Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems
    The Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems research group is concerned with the interfaces between the biological and computational sciences, particularly with reference to furthering understandings of brains and minds. Research includes adaptive and cognitive robotics, computational neuroscience, history and philosophy of artificial intelligence, and artificial life. For more information, visit the Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems website – see also CCNR, COGS and SCCS.
  • Foundations of Software Systems
    The Foundations of Software Systems research group focuses on both practical and theoretical aspects of compilation, programming languages, pervasive computing, distributed systems and networking. For more information, visit the Foundations of Software Systems website.
  • Creative Technology
    The research of the Creative Technology group aims at understanding and improving the myriad ways that computing now serves humanity. The group operates across traditional discipline boundaries, but crucially sees interactive systems from the point of view of their users. For more information, visit the Creative Technology website.

Members of Informatics also play a central role in the following major cross-campus research centres:

  • Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics (CCNR): a collaboration between Informatics and the Neuroscience group in the School of Life Sciences. This thriving centre seeks to explore and exploit the interfaces between the biological and computational sciences. The CCNR is jointly run by the Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems group.
  • Centre for Research in Cognitive Science (COGS): carries on the teaching and research work of the former School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, through members of Informatics, Neuroscience, Philosophy and Psychology. COGS continues as an internationally recognised centre for interdisciplinary investigation into the nature of cognition, be it natural or artificial.
  • Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science: an internationally recognized multidisciplinary research centre dedicated to understanding the neural mechanisms underpinning conscious experience, with a focus on clinical impact. The group involves members from Informatics, Psychology, and the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.