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Marsden, Magnus and Anderson Paul (2020)  After trust. Global Networks

Marsden, Magnus, Ibañez-Tirado, Diana and Henig, David (2016) ‘Everyday diplomacy’. Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, 34 (2)

Marsden, Magnus and Skvirskaja, Vera (2018) ‘Merchant identities, trading nodes, and globalisation’. History and Anthropology 29 (S1), 1-13

Marsden, Magnus and Mostowlansky, Till (2019) ‘Whither West Asia? Exploring North-South perspectives on Eurasia’. Journal of Eurasian Studies 10 (1)

Hubs, Nodes, Everyday Diplomacy and Prosperity

Marsden, Magnus and Anderson Paul (2020)  Introduction to the special issue: after trust. Global Networks

Marsden, Magnus and Reeves, Madeleine (2019)  Marginal hubs: on conviviality beyond the urban in Asia. Modern Asian Studies. ISSN 0026-749X

Marsden, Magnus and Mostowlansky, Till (2019)  Whither West Asia? Exploring North-South perspectives on Eurasia. Journal of Eurasian Studies. ISSN 1879-3665

Marsden, Magnus and Skvirskaja, Vera (2018)  Merchant identities, trading nodes, and globalisation: introduction to the special issue. History and Anthropology 29, 1-13. ISSN 0275-7206

Retsikas, Kostas and Marsden, Magnus (2018)  Invisible hands of life: alternate modes of prosperity. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory. ISSN 2049-1115 )

Marsden, Magnus, Ibañez-Tirado, Diana and Henig, David (2016)  Everyday diplomacy: introduction to special issue. Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, 34 (2). pp. 2-22. ISSN 0305-7674

Marsden, Magnus (2017)  Actually existing Silk Roads. Journal of Eurasian Studies, 8 (1). pp. 22-30. ISSN 1879-3665

Empirical and Ethnographic Studies

Yiwu, China

Heila Sha (Saheira Haliel) (Nov 2019) Transnational marriages in Yiwu, China: tensions over money. Wiley Online Library

Heila Sha (Saheira Haliel) (Oct 2019) Transnational marriage in Yiwu, China: trade, settlement and mobility. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Rui, Huaichuan (2018)  Yiwu: Historical transformation and contributing factors. History and Anthropology, 29, 14-30

Syria and the Arab World

Anderson, Paul (2020)  Not a Silk Road: trading networks between China and the Middle East as a dynamic interaction of competing Eurasian geographies. Journal of Global Networks (online first)

Anderson, Paul  (2019)  The Syrian Conflict in Transnational Perspective: Traders, Migrants and State Formation Across Asia. Journal of Eurasian Studies 10 (1)

Anderson, Paul (2018)  Aleppo in Asia: Mercantile Networks between Syria, China and (Post-) Soviet Eurasia since 1970 History and Anthropology, 29, 67-83. S67-S83 (2018)

Anderson, Paul (2018)  'An Abundance of Meaning': Ramadan as an Enchantment of Society and Economy in Syria HAU  Journal of Ethnographic Theory, 18 (3), 610-624 (2018)

Afghanistan and its Diasporas

Marsden, Magnus (2020) The Alternative Histories of Muslim Asia's Urban Centres: De-Cosmopolitanisation and BeyondThe Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies 38 (1)

Marsden, Magnus (2020)  Commodities, merchants, and refugees: inter‐Asian circulations and Afghan mobility. Global Networks

Marsden, Magnus (2019)  Manly Merchants: Commerce, Mobility and Masculinity among Afghan Traders in Eurasia.  Anthropology of the Middle East 14 (2). 55-76

Marsden, Magnus and Hopkins, Benjamin D (2019) Afghan trading networks. In: Oxford research encyclopedia of Asian history. Oxford University Press

Marsden, Magnus and Henig, David (2018) Muslim circulations and networks in West Asia: ethnographic perspectives on transregional connectivity. Journal of Eurasian Studies. ISSN 1879-3665

Marsden, Magnus (2018) Beyond Bukhara: trade, identity and interregional exchange across Asia. History and Anthropology 29, 84-100. ISSN 0275-7206

Marsden, Magnus and Ibanez-Tirado, Diana (2018) Afghanistan’s cosmopolitan trading networks: a view from Yiwu, China. In: Challenging Cosmopolitanism: Coercion, Mobility and Displacement in Islamic Asia. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 225-250. ISBN 9781474435093

Marsden, Magnus (2018) Civility and diplomacy: trust and dissimulation in transnational Afghan trading networks. Anthropological Theory, 18 (2-3). pp. 175-197 ISSN 1463-4996

Marsden, Magnus (2018) Islamic cosmopolitanism out of Muslim Asia: Hindu-Muslim business co-operation between Odessa and Yiwu. History and Anthropology 29 (1), 121-139. ISSN 0275-7206

Marsden, Magnus (2016) We are both diplomats and traders: Afghan transregional traders across the former Soviet Union. Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, 34 (2). pp. 59-75. ISSN 0305-7674

Central Asia

Diana Ibañez-Tirado &Magnus Marsden. 2020. Trade ‘outside the law’: Uzbek and Afghan transnational merchants between Yiwu and South-Central Asia, Central Asian Survey

Ibanez-Tirado, Diana (2019) West-Central Asia: a comparative analysis of students’ trajectories in Russia (Moscow) from the 1980s and China (Yiwu) from the 2000s. Journal of Eurasian Studies. ISSN 1879-3665

Ibanez-Tirado, Diana (2018) Hierarchies of trade in Yiwu and Dushanbe: the case of an Uzbek merchant family from Tajikistan. History and Anthropology 29, 31-47. ISSN 0275-7206

Ibanez-Tirado, Diana (2016) Gold teeth, Indian dresses, Chinese lycra and ‘Russian’ hair: embodied diplomacy and the assemblages of dress in Tajikistan. Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, 34 (2). ISSN 0305-7674

Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus

Marina Marouda (2019)  A tale of three marketplaces: Chinese commodities, European fairs, Vietnamese entrepreneurs, Global Networks

Vera Skvirskaja (2019New trade formations: precarity, pragmatic cosmopolitanism and long‐distance trade in the Caucasus, Global Networks

Vera Skvirskaja  (2019) ‘Russian merchant’ legacies in post-Soviet trade with China: Moral economy, economic success and business innovation in Yiwu. Anthropology and History 29, 48-66

Indian Trading Networks

Osella, Filippo. Forthcoming. The unbearable lightness of trust: trade, conviviality and the life-world of Indian export agents in Yiwu, China. Modern Asian Studies

Policy Reports and Briefing Documents 

Policy Briefing Introduction 

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