School of Global Studies

Faculty Visits

Every year at least one member of faculty travels in each direction between Cornell and Sussex in order to present their research and develop connections at the partner institution. The following visits have taken place so far,

  1. David Brown, former Chair of the Cornell Development Sociology Department visited Global Studies for two nights – March 23rd and 24th 2014. David held meetings with the Head of School, the Heads of Geography and International Relations, and the Director of the Sussex Centre for Migration Research. He gave a talk at IDS entitled ‘Demography and Destiny: Population Change – Choices for the Future’
  2. Justin Rosenberg visited Cornell in April 26th-30th, 2015. He held meetings with five different faculty members in Development Sociology (and a further two with colleagues in other departments). He also met with five Graduate Students to discuss their work individually, gave a lecture-seminar on ‘The Hieroglyphic of the World Economy’, and gave a presentation on the School of Global Studies as part of a departmental event at which the MoU was signed.
  3. Wendy Wolford and Rachel Bezner Kerr from Cornell visited Global Studies, February 20th-23rd 2016. During their stay, they participated in a PhD Symposium, gave two talks (on the possibilities of joint funding applications, and on their own research), and held 6 hours of smaller meetings with 12 Global Studies colleagues.
  4. Ben Selwyn visited Cornell, April 20th-23rd, 2016. During his stay, he held several meetings with faculty, and delivered two public research presentations based on his research into ‘Labour-centred development’.
  5. James Fairhead will visit Cornell in February 2017, as the last Visiting Faculty from Sussex under the current scheme.

Banner image: Andrea Cornwall with Rachel Bezner-Kerr and Wendy Wolford during their Faculty Visit to Sussex, February 2016