School of Global Studies


Forecasting with fishers

Drawing from the multidisciplinary, integrated research approach used in climate ethnography (and impact-based forecast and warning studies, the proposed project combines complementary methodological approaches.  Firstly, it will utilise ethnographic methods to study the wider social, economic and cultural practices underpinning artisanal fishing, as well as to gauge fishers’ forecast usage and uptake.  Secondly, it will use satellite and in-situ weather observations to gain insights into changing hazard patterns and forecast challenges, as well as to acquire the necessary data to co-produce area-specific weather forecasts with fishers, forecasters and other stakeholders. Thirdly, it will use participatory approaches and technologies developed in the fields of end-user programming and ICT4D to co-produce and test effective, culturally appropriate communication platforms to disseminate weather forecast and provide feedback on the same. The expertise of the research team will ensure the success of the project. It includes an anthropologist, a geographer, atmospheric and marine scientists, and ICT and media experts.

Top banner image: Local fishermen launch a boat from Karumkulam beach. Sandy shores make launching and landing easy and safe.