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Training and Capacity Building

Researcher Training Courses (Quantitative & Qualitative teams)

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Training was undertaken in December 2016 for surveyors and researchers in the quantitative and qualitative teams.  The aim was to explain and practice data collection methods. Two fieldwork manuals were designed for both teams as a guide for them in the field during the data collection.

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Quantitative and Qualitative Refresher Training

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To prepare for round 2 of the household survey a three-day refresher training event was held in Yangon. Lessons and insights from round 1 were shared and the fieldwork plan for round 2 was finalised.  A two-day refresher course was organised in May 2017 at the IOM office for qualitative researchers to refresh their research skills and also to train some of the new members of the team.


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Debriefing meeting held for qualitative research in Mandalay

A two-day qualitative debriefing and brainstorming session was held during the fieldwork in July 2017 in Mandalay in order to identify any critical gaps that could be filled in the remaining fieldwork.

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Stakeholder Engagement

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Visit to University of Mandalay

Priya Deshingkar and Wen-Ching Ting met with academics at the Department of Anthropology, University of Mandalay in July 2017 to share research interests and discuss possible avenues for collaboration.




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Stakeholder workshops in Myanmar - Dec 2017

A series of workshops were held with stakeholders in each region in December 2017. The aim was to share research findings, identify knowledge gaps and continue dialogues with relevant stakeholders in Myanmar. The University of Sussex CHIME team participated in workshops in both Mandalay and Pathein, in December 2017. The interactions with stakeholders helped the CHIME team during the finalisation of the report.


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AgrifoodXXIV Conference: Reimagining Rural Myanmar

The University of Sussex CHIME team attended the 24th International Conference of the Agrifood Research Network (Agrifood XXIV) in Bandung, Indonesia, which was held from the 3rd to 5th December 2017. At the conference the team delivered presentations on migration and food security as well as migration and constrained agency.  See links to slides of the presentations below.  Please note these are from preliminary research – please do not cite.  For further information please contact the CHIME team.

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Photo, above (a villager and his cows) credit: Phyu Thaw
Photo, top banner (women groundnut crushing) credit: Phyu Thaw