Centre for International Education (CIE)

Teacher Preparation and Continuing Professional Development in Africa (TPA)

Launched in early 2010, this now complete 18 month research project - funded by the Hewlett foundation - aimed to determine how trainee teachers learn to teach basic reading and mathematics in Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It also sought to identify how teachers, in their first year of teaching, teach early reading and mathematics, and what professional development programmes exist for practising teachers in these countries.

The project also aimed to shed light on the impact that these programmes had on the teaching practice of current participants and recent graduates, as well as on student learning outcomes. The research identified facilitating factors and constraints that influenced impact, and cost effectiveness of the programmes in terms of trainee teachers' professional learning and the quality of instruction they offer.

Download the TPA Leaflet [PDF 1.57MB] which contains much of the detail in these web pages about the research, its organisation and the findings to date. The leaflet is also available in French: TPA Leaflet - French [PDF 386.61KB]

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