Voluntary Severance Scheme

About the targeted voluntary severance scheme

All employees of the University who met the qualifying criteria set out in the targeted scheme could individually decide whether this is an opportunity they wish to apply for. There are no expectations whatsoever about which staff may wish to put themselves forward for consideration and staff, not their managers, will initiate these discussions.

The following would not normally be allowed to leave under this policy:

  • individuals who do not meet the qualifying criteria
  • those individuals identified as critical to delivering the organisation’s requirements
  • where an employee is already serving notice to leave for whatever reason
  • where the number or combination of applicants will adversely affect the School / Division or wider University functions, or
  • members of the University’s Executive Group or the University Leadership Team.

The scheme is temporary and opened at 9am on Tuesday 19 October and closed at 9am on Tuesday 2 November.

The Schools and Divisions in which all staff are being offered Targeted Voluntary Severance are:

  • academic staff in the:
    • School of Media, Arts and Humanities
    • School of Mathematical and Physical Science
    • School of Life Sciences
  • professional services staff in:
    • ITS
    • Finance (incl Procurement)
    • Student Experience
    • Research and Enterprise
    • Technical Services
    • HR 

This targeted voluntary severance scheme is one of the measures the University needs to undertake in order to protect the future and financial sustainability of the institution.This will allow us to continue to rebuild our organisation, and support the achievement of the Size and Shape strategy.

UCU have been actively engaged in negotiating the principles of the Targeted Voluntary Severance scheme and during ongoing discussions we have jointly achieved movement on the scheme’s principles and terms.

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