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Staff Experience

part of the People, Culture and Inclusion portfolio

Chair of People, Culture and Inclusion Committee (PCIC): Jim Endersby

Professional Services lead: Grace Merry

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People, Culture and Inclusion Committee (PCIC)

In 2022, the School decided to merge the Staff Experience and EDI committee into a single committee, PCIC, whose terms of reference can be found here. This was to avoid duplicating work and to ensure that EDI was central to the School’s work around staff experience.

The Committee is chaired by the Associate Dean for People, Culture and Inclusion and aims to include broad representation of staff across the School. Its current membership is:

Jim Endersby (chair)

Grace Merry (PS support)

Graham Baker (HR business partner)

Cecile Chevalier

Flora Derounian

Sally Entwistle

Laura Gallaher

Naomi Harris

Tanya Kant

Gavin Mensah-Coker

Sandra Nelson

Emma Newport

Naaz Rashid

Justyna Robinson

Rachel Stenner

John Walker

Katie Walter

John Williams


Committee meetings are advertised in the Dean’s Update and are open to all staff. Anyone who would like to put an item on the committee’s agenda should email Grace Merry

Guiding principles for Media, Arts and Humanities

Inclusion: creating a broad, collective identity for students and staff, strengthened by our differences, which recognises our responsibilities and responds to local and global communities.

Sustainability: recognising long-term effects alongside short-term aims, and countering the toxic effects of unsustainable work patterns by acknowledging and respecting the connection between individuals, the community and our environment.

Collaboration: fostering cooperation and coll­­aboration between staff and students by sharing ideas and resources fairly and openly.

Social justice: we acknowledge power asymmetries among the different communities, cultures and identities represented in our school and believe education is a means for promoting social justice by encouraging respect, dialogue and the willingness to question.

Learning: understanding that education never ends, for any of us; we are all here to learn from each other.

Flexibility: respecting everyone’s need for flexible work and study patterns that are responsive to changing circumstances.

Staff Development

The School supports training and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for all staff. We run regular professional development mornings throughout the year. If you have suggestions for future sessions, please email Jim Endersby.

Most academic staff have time allocated in their PAW for training and CPD. Please discuss your needs with your line manager (annual appraisal is a good opportunity to do this).

Information about the university's training/CPD opportunities can be found on the Organisational Development website.

The university's Educational Enhancement unit offers seminars, events and workshops.

The School has developed its own array of excellent teaching-support resources on our Professional Development pages. Among the highlights is CPD Bites, a series of short videos in which colleagues share ideas and experience about teaching.

The School's Director of Continuing Professional Development, Sue Robbins, has created a directory of links to further teaching-related resources


Mentoring in Media, Arts and Humanities: 

Would you like a mentor? Or have you considered being a mentor? We have a small group of trained mentors (and are actively looking for more) who are ready and willing to help with career development, support, sharing ideas and just generally listening – whatever you need. And the university has training available for those who would like to join the team. If you would like to know more, please contact Jim Endersby (