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School Lead for Staff Experience: Jeremy Page

Professional Services lead: Louisa Kenyon

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Guiding principles for Media, Arts and Humanities

Inclusion: creating a broad, collective identity for students and staff, strengthened by our differences, which recognises our responsibilities and responds to local and global communities.

Sustainability: recognising long-term effects alongside short-term aims, and countering the toxic effects of unsustainable work patterns by acknowledging and respecting the connection between individuals, the community and our environment.

Collaboration: fostering cooperation and coll­­aboration between staff and students by sharing ideas and resources fairly and openly.

Social justice: we acknowledge power asymmetries among the different communities, cultures and identities represented in our school and believe education is a means for promoting social justice by encouraging respect, dialogue and the willingness to question.

Learning: understanding that education never ends, for any of us; we are all here to learn from each other.

Flexibility: respecting everyone’s need for flexible work and study patterns that are responsive to changing circumstances.