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People and contacts

School of Media, Arts and Humanities
Arts A7, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9QN      
Email:  Telephone: 01273 (67) 8001  

Heads of Subject

  • American Studies: Dr Katharina Rietzler
  • Art History: Dr Ben Burbridge
  • Creative and Critical Media Practice: Adrian Goycoolea and Paul Vincent
  • Drama, Theatre and Performance: Dr Jason Price
  • English Language and Linguistics: Prof Lynne Murphy
  • English Literature: Dr Pamela Thurschwell
  • English Language / English Language Teaching: Catherine Rogers
  • Film Studies: Dr Dolores Tierney
  • Foundation Year: Dr Graeme Pedlingham
  • History: Dr Iain McDaniel and Dr Claudia Siebrecht
  • Liberal Arts: Dr Doug Haynes
  • Media, Journalism and Cultural Studies: Dr Pollyanna Ruiz
  • Modern Languages: Benoît Guilbaud (Language Pathways Convenor) and Dr Aaron Kahn (Convenor of Modern Language Degree)
  • Music: Dr Danny Bright and Dr Mimi Haddon
  • Philosophy: Dr Mahon O'Brien

School Officers


Dr Chloe Porter      Andrew Blair   Dr Sam Ladkin  Viki Walden    Sue Robbins   Professor Sarah Sawyer

 Dr Chloe Porter        Dr Andrew Blair     Dr Sam Ladkin    Dr Victoria Walden     Susan Robbins      Prof Sarah Sawyer

  • Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning - Dr Chloe Porter
  • Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning - Dr Andrew Blair
  • Director of Short Courses - Dr Sam Ladkin
  • Director of Learning Enhancement - Dr Victoria Walden
  • Director of Continuing Professional Development - Susan Robbins
  • Director for Exams and Misconduct - Prof Sarah Sawyer


Peter Boxall    Professor Margaretta Jolly        Dr Michael Jonik    Lizzie Thynne                

Prof Peter Boxall   Prof Margaretta Jolly   Dr Michael Jonik    Prof Lizzie Thynne

  • Directors of Research and Knowledge Exchange - Prof Peter Boxall, Dr Michael Jonik, Prof Lizzie Thynne
  • Research Curator - Prof Margaretta Jolly

Engagement, Recruitment and Admissions     

Student Experience

Dr Melanie Green     Professor Alisa Lebow    Professor Vicky Lebeau       

Dr Melanie Green          Prof Alisa Lebow         Prof Vicky Lebeau

People, Culture and Inclusion       

Dr Tanya Kant    Gavin Mensah-Coker    Dr Naaz Rashid   Dr Rachel Stenner

  Dr Tanya Kant    Gavin Mensah-Coker    Dr Naaz Rashid      Dr Rachel Stenner

  • Director of Race Equality - Dr Naaz Rashid
  • Deputy Directors of Race Equality - Dr Tanya Kant, Gavin Mensah-Coker
  • Chair of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee - Dr Rachel Stenner

Professional Services

Education Manager

Molly Butterworth

Operations Manager

Carmen Long

Research Manager

Medeni Fordham

School Office

Reception Coordinators: Danielle Salvage and David Payne

Clerical Assistant: Sam Allen T 01273 678001


  Education Team 

  Senior Quality and Enhancement Officer
Hayley Bowerman E  01273 876512

  Curriculum and Assessment Officer
  Dnyan Keni-Vaux E  01273 877922

  Curriculum and Assessment Officer
  Jenny Gwynn (formerly Maynard) E  01273 877258

  Curriculum and Assessment Officer
  Gavin Osbourne E  

  Senior Course Coordinator
  Anca Andrei E  01273 872574

  American Studies Course Coordinator 
  Grace Ryan E  01273 678899

  Art History Course Coordinator
  Lisa Greening E  01273 678098

  Drama (UG) Course Coordinator
  Terry Bryan E  01273 872621

  English Language and Lingustics (UG) Course Coordinator
  Shelley Stevens E   01273 678845

  English Literature (UG) Course Coordinator
  Anne Crawford
 E  01273 678021

  Filmmaking (UG) Course Coordinator
  Mary Reynolds E  01273 877539

  Film Studies (UG) Course Coordinator
  Anca Andrei  E  01273 872574

  History Course Coordinator
  Kirin Bhadesha E 

  Journalism (UG) Course Coordinator
  Maddie Appleby E  01273 877303

  Languages Course Coordinators
  Vera De Alti E  01273 877192 (Vera)

  Liberal Arts Course Coordinators
  Vera De Alti and Lisa Greening E   01273 877192 (Vera)   01273 678098 (Lisa)

  Media and Communications (UG) Course Coordinator
  Maddie Appleby E  01273 877303

  Media Production (UG) Course Coordinator
  Mary Reynolds E  01273 877539

  Music (UG) Course Coordinator
  Terry Bryan E  01273 872621

  Philosophy (UG) Course Coordinator
  Chenying Cannell E  01273 876960

  Postgraduate Course Coordinator (Media, Film, Music)
  Marie Dennis E  01273 876560

  Postgraduate Course Coordinator (English)
  Grace Ryan E  01273 678899

  Visiting and Exchange Students Coordinator
  Nicole Peli E  01273 872890

Sussex Centre for Language Studies

Director - Dr Jules Winchester

Main office email

Language Learning Centre  01273 678006

Pre-sessional English and Intensive English courses

English Language for Academic Study (free workshops and tutorials for students whose first language is not English)

Open Course enquiries

Senior Adviser (International)
Louisa Kenyon

Senior Adviser (Short Courses)
Katie Brooks  01273 678338

Languages Course Coordinator
Kelly Richardson   01273 872575

Visiting and Exchange Students and English Language for Academic Study Coordinator
Nicole Peli  01273 872890

Clerical Assistant

Simon Boyle  

Matthew Platts

Phill Bowles

Student Experience   01273 872805

Student Experience Officer 
Naomi Harris  01273 876570

Senior Student Engagement Coordinator
Mike Rowland  01273 873261

School Coordinator (Placements and Student Experience)
Christine Abdelmalek  01273 678873

Senior Quality and Enhancement Officer
Hayley Bowerman E  01273 876512


Research and Enterprise Coordinators
Sarah Maddox  01273 873525

Paige Thompson 01273 678741

Laura Vellacott  01273 873429

Course Coordinator (Research Students)
Alison Burrell  01273 678471

E (for doctoral research support)

E (for faculty research support)

Executive Admin

Executive Assistant to the Dean
Laura Gallaher  01273 877950


School Coordinator
Ahmed Koyes  01273 873726



Infomation Course Coordinator
Sophie Heath  01273 678841

Communications Officer
Ian Tout


Technical Services

Technical Services Manager
John Williams

Technician Demonstrator (Stores Supervisor)
Damion Brooks-Lloyd

Technician Demonstrator (Music)
James Gasson

Technician Demonstrator (Music)
Adam Staff

Technician Demonstrator (Digital)
Mark Davies

Technician Demonstrator (Video and Photography)
Darren Garcia

Technician Demonstrator (Film and Video)
Kevin Clarke

Technician Demonstrator (Journalism)
Adam Elliott

Technician Demonstrator (Sound)
Nikoline Gjoertz    01273 873636

Foundation Year