Human Resources

Sickness absence

Who is responsible for managing sickness absence?

Section Heads monitor sickness absence levels in their areas, while supervisors and line managers look after individual staff. There are Sickness Absence Management Procedures to follow to ensure that all staff receive the same fair and consistent service.

What do I do if I'm feeling unwell?

Staff must inform their immediate line manager as early as possible on their first day of absence, and no later than 2 hours after their normal time for starting work. If the line manager is not available, then contact another senior member of staff or a member of HR. Staff should tell their line manager:

  • the nature of the illness e.g. flu, upset stomach etc
  • the date on which the illness started
  • the date on which they expect to return to work
  • how they can be contacted, if necessary

When do I need a doctor's certificate?

A doctor's certificate must be submitted for absences greater than 7 days.  This can be uploaded to MyView when recording your absence dates.

Absence forms

Referral to Occupational Health

Please see guidance on management referrals.