Student Life Centre


As a student, you may become unwell. You may develop a condition, or a previously manageable condition may begin to impact your studies. If you want to talk through how this affects your studying and what support is available, a Student Life Advisor can help.

Many students with disabilities indicate that they have support needs before coming to University. If you have not done this then you can still register with and speak to someone in the Student Support Unit. The Student Support Unit is the team of specialist advisors who work with students who may need adjustments at University, due to a long term condition. They are co-located with us, in Bramber House, or can be emailed them, if you would prefer to make an appointment. It is important to note that any additional disability/learning support you received at school or college will not be automatically replicated at Sussex, it is your responsibility to register for it. 

The Student Life Centre offers a different and complimentary service to the Student Support Unit.