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Sussex researchers recognised for impact on society

15 June 2017

The third annual Sussex Impact and Research Awards recognise University of Sussex researchers whose work has made outstanding differences in society.

‘Purposeful leaders’ are winning hearts and minds in workplaces, study finds

14 June 2017

People are happier and more productive when their leaders show strong morals, a clear vision and commitment to stakeholders, a new study has found.

Flying off the page - Exhibition celebrates birds in literature

1 June 2017

Birds have been a constant source of inspiration for writers, says Dr Will Abberley, curator of 'Stories on the Wing' at Brighton's Booth Museum.

ESW researchers stage successful symposium for researchers from Sussex and beyond

26 May 2017

Doctoral researchers from around the UK attended a doctoral symposium organised by researchers from ESW.

State-of-the-art scanner delivered to campus imaging centre

26 May 2017

A state-of-the-art MRI scanner will open up new research and educational opportunities at the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre on the Sussex campus.

Scientists to develop life-transforming drugs for Huntington’s disease sufferers

19 May 2017

The University of Sussex is to lead a multi-million pound project to treat the debilitating symptoms of Huntington’s disease.

Workshop focuses on running successful businesses in the circular economy

18 May 2017

The second workshop of a series on the circular economy was organized by academics in the Business and Management department.

African lions under same threats as extinct sabre-toothed tigers faced

10 May 2017

A new study has assessed whether Ice Age extinction trends could be applied to populations of big cat species now.

The Sussex Mindfulness Research Project keeping student health and well-being in mind

10 May 2017

Sussex students are invited to take part in new research to examine the impact of mindfulness practices on health and well-being.

Staff opportunity for mindfulness training

10 May 2017

A research project that offers University of Sussex students mindfulness training has now been extended to University staff.

Items 61 to 70 of 641

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