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Iraqi government recognises impact of Sussex researcher

16 February 2018

An engineering researcher at Sussex who has just completed his PhD has been recognised by the Iraqi government for the impact of his published work.

Palliative care and assisted dying are not mutually exclusive, says ethics professor

8 February 2018

Bobbie Farsides, Professor of Clinical and Biomedical Ethics at BSMS, argues that palliative care and assisted dying are not incompatible.

From the farm to the hospital – how fungicide research could help curb a serious global health threat

7 February 2018

Novel compounds originally developed for use in farming could be key in the fight against a fungus considered a serious global health threat.

The Business of Women’s Words: Purpose and Profit in Feminist Publishing

5 February 2018

Sussex is leading a major new research project looking at the feminist publishing revolution of the 1970s/80s, funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Chris Packham memoir voted UK's favourite nature book

1 February 2018

Chris Packham's book voted Britain's favourite piece of nature writing as part of a project led by the Universities of Sussex, Leeds and St Andrews.

Deadline nears to apply for Asa Briggs Visiting Fellowships

31 January 2018

Don't miss the deadline for the Asa Briggs Visiting Fellowships on Monday 19 February.

GPs urged to encourage LGBT patients to come out

31 January 2018

Disclosing sexual orientation could lead to improved healthcare, new BSMS research finds.

Meet Demet Dinler, Sussex’s first Helena Normanton Fellow

22 January 2018

Demet joined the School of Global Studies in October 2017, having been awarded the first Helena Normanton Fellowship by the University.

New discovery into cells’ energy supply could lead to targeted cancer treatment

15 January 2018

Scientists make significant breakthrough in understanding how the molecular machines producing key proteins in the power packs of cells are cleaned.

Leave-voting regions are “most exposed” to Brexit services shock

11 January 2018

Two of the biggest Brexit-voting regions would be hit hardest by a potential fall in services exports upon leaving the EU, new analysis suggests.

Items 1 to 10 of 641

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