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Brighton & Hove: where do they get their energy from?

15 June 2018

200 years after the city's first energy company was founded, an event will explore how future energy policy can benefit those in Brighton and beyond.

Life, camera, action: Richard Attenborough papers open to the public at University of Sussex archive

11 June 2018

Richard Attenborough’s vast personal and professional archive at the University of Sussex reveals a priceless history of 20th-century British cinema.

Sussex Library comes to life for ‘Living Library’ event

7 June 2018

The shelves of Sussex’s Library are coming to life as part of the Doctoral School’s ‘Living Library’, a reading experience like no other.

Brighton study team wins national research award

7 June 2018

A team of BSMS researchers have been recognised by the Royal College of Physicians for their work to improve care for patients with liver disease.

Distracted people can be ‘smell blind’

5 June 2018

Inattentional smell blindness’, or inattentional anosmia, has been proven to exist in a study from the University of Sussex.

Sussex scientists observe ghostly antiparticles that could unlock secrets of the universe

5 June 2018

University of Sussex physicists part of global NOvA experiment, which announces new results

Online information on vaccines and autism not always reliable, BSMS study shows

5 June 2018

Research at Brighton and Sussex Medical School has found that online health information can be unreliable - based on old, ‘weak’ scientific studies.

Spotlight on Dr Christiane Oedekoven

4 June 2018

Spotlight on Dr Christiane Oedekoven, Research Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience at the School of Psychology

Gene test at birth could predict long-term risk of disease and NHS costs for individuals with eczema and asthma

1 June 2018

A BSMS study shows that a simple gene test could help predict the long-term risks for individuals with chronic conditions such as eczema and asthma.

Locating female folklore: Sussex conference to celebrate the role of women in folk

25 May 2018

Renowned folk singer Shirley Collins is to headline an event with a special reading of a new book and a Q & A.

Items 1 to 10 of 656

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