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State-of-the-art scanner delivered to campus imaging centre

26 May 2017

A state-of-the-art MRI scanner will open up new research and educational opportunities at the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre on the Sussex campus.

Scientists to develop life-transforming drugs for Huntington’s disease sufferers

19 May 2017

The University of Sussex is to lead a multi-million pound project to treat the debilitating symptoms of Huntington’s disease.

Workshop focuses on running successful businesses in the circular economy

18 May 2017

The second workshop of a series on the circular economy was organized by academics in the Business and Management department.

African lions under same threats as extinct sabre-toothed tigers faced

10 May 2017

A new study has assessed whether Ice Age extinction trends could be applied to populations of big cat species now.

The Sussex Mindfulness Research Project keeping student health and well-being in mind

10 May 2017

Sussex students are invited to take part in new research to examine the impact of mindfulness practices on health and well-being.

Staff opportunity for mindfulness training

10 May 2017

A research project that offers University of Sussex students mindfulness training has now been extended to University staff.

Social science research on regenerative medicine referenced in Select Committee inquiry

8 May 2017

Sussex research has been referenced in a Science and Technology Select Committee inquiry.

Friendships help kids make the move to secondary school

8 May 2017

Children who undertake more social activities may cope better with the transition from primary school to secondary school, Sussex research shows.

Shape-changing fog screen invented

5 May 2017

A shape-changing fog screen has been developed at the University of Sussex.

Study reveals link between chronic childhood illness and later life mental health problems

4 May 2017

Sussex research finds evidence to suggest that the effect of chronic physical illness in childhood persists long after childhood and adolescence.

Items 51 to 60 of 634

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