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Imposing ‘meaningful work’ leads to staff burnout

16 January 2017

Strategies to boost staff performance and morale by manipulating our desire for meaningful work often achieve the opposite - damaging organisations...

University of Sussex top in UK for energy economics, second for innovation

12 January 2017

Sussex’s School of Business, Management and Economics has been ranked the top institution in the UK for research in energy economics.

Universities of Ghana and Sussex launch Strategic Fund

12 January 2017

New initiative will contribute to capacity building at both universities and drive research and teaching collaborations to address global challenges.

How can academics and practitioners communicate to address employee engagement?

5 January 2017

Sussex management expert Professor Katie Bailey has written a new paper exploring communication between academics and practitioners in the context of...

New disease could signal hope for sufferers of brain ageing conditions

21 December 2016

A new genetic disease which results in neurodegeneration has been discovered by experts at the University of Sussex.

‘Tiny earthquakes’ help scientists predict mountain rock falls

19 December 2016

Scientists have developed a new way to predict when mountain rock falls will happen - in regions where people go skiing and climbing.

Curling up with a good e-book? Why there’s nothing quite like a paper book when it comes to a bedtime story

15 December 2016

Sussex research finds that reading together from paper or a screen affects emotional interaction and warmth between parents and children.

How our brains are biologically tuned to be influenced by confident people

13 December 2016

New research from the University of Sussex has shown for the first time why confident people are able to shift our beliefs so effectively.

University appoints senior leader for interdisciplinary research

12 December 2016

The University of Sussex has appointed Professor Alan Lester to a new role of Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Interdisciplinary Research.

Who needs dictionaries in 2016?

6 December 2016

The future of the dictionary in the era of search is to be debated at a Sussex colloquium.

Items 1 to 10 of 554

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