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Chris Packham memoir voted UK's favourite nature book

1 February 2018

Chris Packham's book voted Britain's favourite piece of nature writing as part of a project led by the Universities of Sussex, Leeds and St Andrews.

GPs urged to encourage LGBT patients to come out

31 January 2018

Disclosing sexual orientation could lead to improved healthcare, new BSMS research finds.

The four personas including the Lurker and the Geek that explain teenagers’ online behaviour

29 January 2018

Academics have identified four distinct personas of social media user that teenagers describe as shaping how they behave on social media.

Meet Demet Dinler, Sussex’s first Helena Normanton Fellow

22 January 2018

Demet joined the School of Global Studies in October 2017, having been awarded the first Helena Normanton Fellowship by the University.

New discovery into cells’ energy supply could lead to targeted cancer treatment

15 January 2018

Scientists make significant breakthrough in understanding how the molecular machines producing key proteins in the power packs of cells are cleaned.

Hate crime affects whole communities, not just the targeted victims, finds University of Sussex study

12 January 2018

The study calls for more: community impact statements, restorative justice, and dedicated specially trained police officers.

Leave-voting regions are “most exposed” to Brexit services shock

11 January 2018

Two of the biggest Brexit-voting regions would be hit hardest by a potential fall in services exports upon leaving the EU, new analysis suggests.

Leverhulme Trust to fund doctoral scholarships at Sussex in sensation, perception and awareness

8 January 2018

One of the UK’s largest providers of research funding is to fund a new million-pound inter-disciplinary doctoral training programme at Sussex.

New brainstem changes identified in Parkinson’s disease

4 January 2018

A study has found patients with Parkinson’s disease have more errors in the mitochondrial DNA within the brainstem, leading to increased cell death.

Study into catastrophic population decline for flying insects is UK’s most discussed scientific paper of 2017

19 December 2017

A research project involving the University of Sussex detailing the catastrophic loss of insects is the UK's most discussed journal article in 2017.

Items 41 to 50 of 659

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