Physics and Astronomy

New Professor of Materials Physics

Portrait of Prof Alan DaltonProfessor Alan Dalton

Professor Alan Dalton, formerly of the University of Surrey, joined the Department of Physics & Astronomy on 2nd February 2016 as our new Professor of Materials Physics. Further appointments are set to follow to establish a new research activity in his area of interest.

His former group's research interests focus on understanding the fundamental structure-property relationships in materials containing one- and two- dimensional structures such as carbon nanotubes, graphene and other layered nanomaterials. He is particularly interested in developing viable applications for nano-structured organic composites (mechanical, electrical and thermal). He is also interested in the directed-assembly and self-assembly of nanostructures into functional macrostructures and more recently, interfacing biological materials with synthetic inorganic and organic materials and associated applications.

Alan's Surrey research group webpages can be found here: