Planning, Governance and Compliance

Membership of Council

The membership of Council is set out in the Statutes of the University (Statute IV) and the Regulations for Membership of Council (Regulation 5).

The role description and responsibilities of Members of Council can be found at: Council role description  

The current membership of Council is as follows:

Chair: Mr Chris Brodie

Vice-Chair (Finance): Ms Kirstin Baker CBE

Vice-Chair (Performance): Vacancy

The Vice-Chancellor: Professor Adam Tickell

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Professor Saul Becker

Fifteen persons, being neither members of the staff nor students

Ms Kirstin Baker CBE

Mr Chris Brodie

Mr Andy Bryant

Mr Mark Devlin

Ms Adrienne Fresko CBE

Mr Mike Fuhr CBE

Dame Denise Holt

Professor Sir Peter Knight

Mr Martin McCann

Ms Rosemary Martin

Ms Sharmila Nebhrajani OBE

Ms Jane Parsons

Ms Katie Ghose

Dr Angela Smith

Three members elected by and from Senate in accordance with the Regulations

Mr Mark Fisher

Professor Kate O'Riordan

Professor Steve McGuire

Two members elected by and from the Academic Staff in accordance with the Regulations

Professor Jane Cowan

Professor Heather Keating

One member elected by and from the Professional Services staff of the University, as specified in Regulations approved by the Council

Ms Fran Barnard

The President of the Students' Union

Ms Frida Gustafsson 

One other Student Representative (the PGR Representative from Senate)

Jack Stockdale


For elections to Council, see Elections web page