A selection of published articles and broadcast items from September 2014 that featured people, research and events associated with the University of Sussex.

Print and online

Pair valley-bound after living up to challenge
Sussex MA student Maya Stanford is one of the winners of the Brighton Grand Challenge, a competition for young entrepreneurs to come up with a solution for a global challenge. Maya, a student in human-computer interaction, has devised a computerised therapy system for helping sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder.
The Argus 30/09/14
Bulletin story

Graduate goes the extra mile to start career
Business and Management Studies graduate Will Bower has gone to the extraordinary length of making a ‘David Brent’ style video about himself to attract employers.
The Argus 29/09/14

Graduate channels The Office’s David Brent in bid to bag job
As above.
Metro 29/09/14

'Work is a way of life for me - it's a religion'
As above.
Mail Online 29/09/14

For Bee-Friendly Parks, Head For the Great Unmown

Professor Francis Ratnieks and Mihail Garbuzov (Life Sciences) found that wildlife multiplied and people’s enjoyment increased when parkland grass was left uncut.
CityLab/The Atlantic (US magazine) 26/09 /14
Press release

Saltdean Oval attracts five times more bees and butterflies when unmown
As above.
Brighton and Hove News 22/09/14

Graduate recruitment
Linda Buckham, Director of Careers and Employability Centre, discusses with regional business leaders and politicians whether there’s a graduate skills gap. Platinum Business Magazine, Issue 5, 2014

Obituary: Chris Marlin
A tribute to Chris Marlin, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), who “led a sea change of internationalisation at Sussex”.
Times Higher Education 25/04/14
Press release

Come for the learning, leave for the ruling
One in ten current world leaders studied in the UK, including Sussex alumnus Enele Sopoaga, the prime minister of Tuvalu.
Times Higher Education 25/09/14

No place for introverts in the academy
Dr Susie Scott’s (Sociology) research on shyness is referenced in a feature article about how  students are encouraged to ‘overcome’ a dislike of public performance.
Times Higher Education 25/09/14 

Digital overload turns your grey matter blue
Dr Ryota Kanai (Psychology) and researchers in the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science reveal a relationship between lower-density grey matter in the brain and media multi-tasking.
The Times (print and online) 25/09/14
Press release

Multi-tasking makes your brain smaller: Grey matter shrinks if we do too much at once
As above.
Daily Mail (print and online) 25/09/14

Second screening ‘may alter brain and trigger emotional problems’
As above.
Daily Telegraph (print and online) 25/09/14

The Multitasking Brain: Juggling Devices Linked to Less Gray Matter
As above.
NBC News (US) 24/09/14

Gadget Multi-Tasking 'Alters Brain Structure', Says Study. And We're A Little Freaked Out.
As above.
Huffington Post 24/09/14

Brain structures differ among media multitaskers, study finds
As above.
Boston Globe 29/09/14
Press release

How Multitasking Reshapes Your Brain Into A Constantly Distracted State
As above.
Business Insider (Australia) 29/09/14

Media multitasking may cause your brain to shrink
As above.
The Economic Times (Times of India) 26/09/14

Are all the ants as heavy as all the humans?
Professor Francis Ratnieks (Life Sciences) explained how to weigh an ant – and disputed the statistic that the world’s populations of ants and humans would weigh the same.
BBC News magazine 22/09/14

What could be the lasting impact of the Scottish referendum for the people of Sussex?
Professor Paul Taggart (Politics) was among those reflecting on the referendum and what it says about the current state of Westminster politics.
The Argus 20/09/14

Stayin’ Alive: Baby Mantis Shrimp Use Light to Stay Invisible
Professor Daniel Osorio (Life Sciences) comments on a study about how baby shrimps avoid predators.
National Geographic 17/09/14

No sex or drugs please, we’re British teenagers
Dr Richard de Visser (Psychology) is quoted in a column by Bryony Gordon about the changing behaviour of teenagers.
Daily Telegraph 16/09/14

Professor shortlisted for original thinking
Professor Mariana Mazzucato (SPRU) is in the running for the inaugural New Statesman SPERI Prize.
The Argus 16/09/14
Press release

Sectarianism and Other Concerns over Scottish Independence
Professor Rumy Hasan (SPRU) writes about his childhood in Scotland and what happened when he moved south of the border.
Huffington Post (Blogs) 16/09/14

Rise of the sensible teenager
Dr Richard de Visser (Psychology) comments on the apparent changes in teenagers’ behaviour towards alcohol, drugs and sex.
Sunday Times 14/09/14

Generation sensible
As above.
Mail Online 14/09/14

A Buzz in the Meadow review – a passionate plea on behalf of our six-legged friends
Review of Professor Dave Goulson’s (Life Sciences) latest book about the interrelationships of plants and some of their insect pollinators.
The Guardian 14/09/14

Fat Gay Men: Girth, Mirth, and the Politics of Stigma, by Jason Whitesel
Professor Sally Munt (Gender Studies) reviews a book about a group of big gay men and the stigma they face.
Times Higher Education 11/09/14

Professor is up for prize
Brief item mentioning that Professor Mariana Mazzucato (SPRU) has been shortlisted for the first New Statesman/SPERI prize in political economy. The Argus 11/09/214
News story

Lives remembered: Lord Attenborough
Professor Alasdair Smith, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex from 1998 to 2007, reflects on how Lord Attenborough brought warmth and joy to the University’s graduation ceremonies during his tenure as the University’s Chancellor.
The Times 11/09/14

Don’t distract that toddler
A study by Dr Jessica Horst and Dr Emma Axelsson (Psychology) suggests that young children learn best when the background environment remains unchanged.
The Argus 09/09/14
Press release

Memories of 1960s estate needed for new play
A drama company wants to hear from people who remember Stanmer House in the 1960s, when the University of Sussex was being built next door.
The Argus 08/09/14

Island secrets inspire Shetland author Ann Cleeves
Interview with Sussex alumna and crime writer Ann Cleeves, whose novels have been adapted into the TV series Shetland.
The Scotsman 08/09/14

The real reasons bailout talks took place in Paris – and what it all means for Greece
Dr Dimitris Dalakoglou (Anthropology) examines why Greek ministers met outside of Greece to discuss to tackle the country’s debt crisis.
The Conversation 05/09/14

Bigger classes for budget efficiency
An international study led by Professor Peter Dolton (Economics) places the  British education system 11th for efficiency.
BBC Online 05/09/14
Press release

British Schools come 11th in world efficiency league
As above.
The Times 05/09/14

Why Finland, Korea and Czech Republic get the most bang for their educational buck
As above.
The Conversation 05/09/14

Brighton academics find 'less is more' for children learning new words
Dr Jessica Horst’s (Psychology) study finds that children learn best when distractions are removed.
Brighton and Hove News 05/09/14
Press release

Benefits culture
Professor Nicholas Till (Music) writes about how ten years on the dole during the Thatcher years gave him the opportunity to find out what  he really wanted to do in higher education.
Times Higher Education 04/09/14

TV and Radio

Trade deal between the EU and United States unlikely, says economist I
nterview with Dr Peter Holmes (Economics) in which he explains the implications of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
Voice of Russia 29/10/14

Spike in demand for solar farms in Kent and Sussex (go to 16 mins)
Dr Colin Nolden (SPRU) explains the energy policy arguments for solar farms in the South East. Dr Nolden provided much of the background information for the item.
'Inside Out’ BBC One 29/09/14

Pesticides and bees
Professor Dave Goulson (Life Sciences) talks about the impact on bumblebees of pesticides used to protect oil seed rape.
'PM'  BBC Radio 4 26/09/14

Ants on the scales (go to 9 mins)
Professor Francis Ratnieks (Life Sciences) explained how to weigh an ant – and disputed the statistic that the world’s populations of ants and humans would weigh the same.
'More or less’  BBC Radio 4 19/09/14

What could be the lasting impact of the Scottish referendum for the people of Sussex?
Professor Paul Taggart (Politics) discusses the outcome of the  Scottish referendum. B
BC Sussex 19/09/14

China fines GlaxoSmithKline £297 million for bribery
Professor Dan Hough (Politics – Sussex Centre for the Study of Corruption) commented on the corruption rife in China’s healthcare system following an investigation that found GSK executives had bribed doctors and hospitals in China to use their pharmaceuticals.
ITV News at Ten 19/09/14

Drugs warning for Freshers
Maryon Stuart, founder of the Angelus foundation and mother of a Sussex student who died after taking the drug GBL, was at the Freshers’ Fair to warn against legal highs. The item includes an interview with Dr Richard de Visser (Psychology), who talks about the risks young people face when experimenting with new experiences outside of their familiar social networks.
BBC South East 17/09/14

East Slope team in quiz
Sussex alumnus Dermot Murnaghan hosts the quiz show with the Eggheads pitched against a team of Sussex students and graduates, whose team name is East Slope de Mooi. Dermot confesses he also lived in East Slope, where the usual activities were “reading poetry and flower arranging”.
Eggheads’ BBC Two, 08/09/14

Sibling rivalry
Dr Alison Pike (Psychology) discusses sibling rivalry – whether it’s inevitable, and what can be the benefits of it.
‘Weekend Woman’s Hour’  BBC Radio 4 06/09/14

More Sussex funding for Alzheimer's research
Interview with Dr Karen Marshall (Genome Centre), who is among scientists in the South East to receive new funding from Alzheimer's Research UK. 'Meridian Tonight’ 04/09/14

Economic prospects of the Eurozone
Professor Mariana Mazzucato (SPRU) joined a studio discussion on what can and should be done in terms of economic reforms for Italy, France and Spain.
‘Newsnight’ BBC Two 03/09/14