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Hope remains to save the world’s most trafficked animal as it enjoys the spotlight of a global day in its honour

17 February 2018

The University of Sussex is shining new light on the plight of pangolins in the hope of staving off the very real threat to their survival.

Reality check

14 February 2018

For the Brighton Science Festival this month, Dr David Schwartzman and Dr Keisuke Suzuki are showcasing their research on visual hallucinations.

From the farm to the hospital – how fungicide research could help curb a serious global health threat

7 February 2018

Novel compounds originally developed for use in farming could be key in the fight against a fungus considered a serious global health threat.

High-tech industries face biggest Brexit slowdown

6 February 2018

The UK’s high-tech and medium-high-tech industries are most at risk of a significant slowing of production after Brexit, trade experts warned today.

The Business of Women’s Words: Purpose and Profit in Feminist Publishing

5 February 2018

Sussex is leading a major new research project looking at the feminist publishing revolution of the 1970s/80s, funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Chris Packham's Fingers in the Sparkle Jar voted UK's favourite nature book

1 February 2018

Chris Packham book voted Britain's favourite piece of nature writing as part of a project led by the Universities of Sussex, Leeds and St Andrews.

The four personas including the Lurker and the Geek that explain teenagers’ online behaviour

29 January 2018

Academics have identified four distinct personas of social media user that teenagers describe as shaping how they behave on social media.

CEO’s unchecked risk-taking led to Carillion collapse

29 January 2018

The shock liquidation of one of the UK’s largest employers, Carillion, can be traced back to unchecked risk-taking in volatile countries by its CEO.

Hate crime affects whole communities, not just the targeted victims, finds University of Sussex study

12 January 2018

The study calls for more: community impact statements, restorative justice, and dedicated specially trained police officers.

Leave-voting regions are “most exposed” to Brexit services shock

11 January 2018

Two of the biggest Brexit-voting regions would be hit hardest by a potential fall in services exports upon leaving the EU, new analysis suggests.

Risk of “dirty” turkey after Brexit if UK strikes a US trade deal

18 December 2017

Consumers could be eating “dirty” chlorinated turkey at Christmas if the UK agrees a post-Brexit trade deal with the USA, say experts.

UK will have to involve EU in rolling over Free Trade Agreements with the world, report argues

15 December 2017

Rolling over the 37 Free Trade Agreements with 60 countries that the UK currently has through the EU will be a monumentally complicated task.

New therapy helps schizophrenia patients re-engage socially

12 December 2017

A new therapy that helps people with schizophrenia to reconnect with the world around them has had promising results, a Sussex-led study has found.

Trump unpicks Obama legacy because he lacks ability to forge his own

28 November 2017

Donald Trump is setting out on a personal mission to unpick Barack Obama’s legacy because he lacks the vision and political skill to forge his own.

New study shows ‘fast fashion’ continues to risk garment workers’ health and well-being

23 November 2017

Bangladeshi garment workers’ health is still at risk five years after the Tazreen factory fire disaster killed at least 112.

Bill Gates’ $100m investment could be game changer in underfunded fight against UK’s biggest killer

23 November 2017

Plans to fund novel approaches to tackle Alzheimer's are riskier projects with uncertain outcomes but with potential for very high reward.

Ground-breaking dementia project wins another award

23 November 2017

A ground-breaking project to help improve the care people with dementia receive now and in the future has won another top NHS award.

Head of Engineering and Design to speak at Brussels industry event on future technologies

23 November 2017

Head of Engineering and Design to speak in Brussels about how the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) will change Europe.

New play tells the stories of British Asian families displaced by partition

17 November 2017

New play tells the previously untold stories of women and families who migrated to England during the partition of India and Pakistan 70 years ago.

Hunt for dark matter is narrowed by new University of Sussex research

15 November 2017

Results disprove existence of a type of light axion.

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