A selection of published articles and broadcast items from December 2013 that featured people and events associated with the University of Sussex.

Print and online

Beware this populism sweeping the country
Professor Paul Taggart’s (Politics) comments on how populism is reshaping mainstream political discourse is incorporated in an opinion piece on the rise of anti-Europe movements.
The Observer 29/12/13

Five mysteries of the brain
Professor Anil Seth (Informatics) joined other experts in explaining how far we’ve come in understanding the workings of the brain.
BBC New (Online) 22/12/13

Welfare ‘tinkering’ is not enough, Minister
Professor Richard Tol (SPRU) dismisses claims by the Irish government that only three to four per cent of people would be financially better off on benefits than working.
The Irish Mail on Sunday, 22/12/2013

Do you speak English?
Given the dominance of the English language across the globe, is it time to make knowledge of it a human right, asks Dr Rumy Hasan (SPRU) in an opinion piece for Aljazeera.
Aljazeera online, 21/12/2013

Nobel laureate John Cornforth dies aged 96
Australia’s only Nobel Prize winner for chemistry, John Cornforth, a former Sussex academic, has died at the age of 96.
The Science Show, Australian Broadcasting Company (online article), 21/12/2013

Barbies for girls, cars for boys?
Dr Helga Dittmarr’s (Psychology) research on the influence of Barbie dolls on the self image of young girls is referenced in article about the move by retailers not to assign gender to toys.
The Independent 18/12/13

Studies show media can affect real life positively
Reference given to Dr Tom Farsides’ (Psychology) study about how children’s behaviour changes after watching films with altruistic characters.
The Evening Tribune  (New York State) 17/12/13

Let's rethink the idea of the state: it must be a catalyst for big, bold ideas Extract from Professor Mariana Mazzucato’s (SPRU) book,
The Entrepreneurial State.
The Observer 16/12/13

Obituary: Sue Eckstein
Sussex alumna Dr Sue Eckstein combined a successful academic career with literary success.
The Times 16/12/13
News story

Vulnerability of gay and transgender Indians goes way beyond Section 377
Paul Boyce (Anthropology) writes about the reinstatement of a law in India that in effect criminalises homosexuality.
The Conversation 15/12/13

Former University of Leicester graduates to appear on Christmas celebrity edition of BBC show
Sussex is pitched against University of Leicester alumni for this year’s celebrity version of the BBC’s University Challenge, to be shown on 30 December.  The Sussex alumni team are all broadcasters:  Simon Fanshawe, Claudia Hammond, Rob Bonnet and Alice Arnold.
Leicester Mercury 12/12/13

Health scare sweetener 'safe to use': Product linked to premature births and cancer cleared by European experts
Professor Erik Millstone (Spru) expresses disappoint in the European Food Safety Authority’s  pronouncement that the food sweetener aspartame is ‘safe for human consumption’. Aspartame has previously been linked to premature births and cancer.
Daily Mail (Print and online) 11/12/13

Koala love songs amplified by an evolutionary set of lips
Dr David Reby (Psychology)  interviewed about his study with Dr Benjamin Charlton on the surprisingly deep mating call of koala bears.
International New York Times 11/12/13 Press release

Why koalas sound like elephants
As above. M
ail Online 03/11/13

Koala’s unique vocal organ gives an elephant-sized call
As above.
Nature World News 03/12/13
(The story also made national media in Australia, the US, Africa and across Europe)

Growth industry: Baby Science
Sussex is among a few UK universities that have ‘baby labs’ for the study of infant psychological development.
The Observer (print version) 08/12/13
Press release

Corruption in China may appear to get worse before it gets better
Professor Dan Hough (Centre for the Study of Corruption) assesses China’s position in the Corruptions Perception Index.
South China Morning Post 07/12/13

Serious innovation requires serious state support
Professor Mariana Mazzucato (SPRU) argues that innovation and regeneration require high-quality finance, not just large quantities.
FT 05/12/13

Non-drinkers ‘look competent’
News item on Dominic Conroy’s (Psychology) research that suggests non-drinkers are seen as more socially competent.
The Argus 05/12/13

Koala Owes Deep Voice to Oddball Anatomy
Research by Dr Ben Charlton and Dr David Reby (Psychology) reveals the deep secret to a koala’s mating call.
Scientific American 04/12/13
Sussex Alzheimer's researcher becomes Red Magazine's pioneer of the year
Professor Louise Serpell (Biochemistry) has won the award for ‘pioneer in her field’ in Red’s Hot Women Award 2013.
The Argus 03/12/13
Press release

TV and Radio

Celebrity University Challenge
The University of Sussex team of Simon Fanshawe, Rob Bonnet, Alice Arnold and Claudia Hammond compete in the first round.
BBC2 30/12/13

Fracking worries
Professor Jim Watson (SPRU) answered questions on fracking.
BBC Radio Five Live 17/12/12

Twitten talk
Dr Geoffrey Mead (Global Studies) talked about the changing nature of The Lanes in Brighton.
BBC Sussex 14/12/13

Taking the heat out of climate change (3mins 18 secs and 18.06 mins)
Dr Rose Cairns (SPRU) interviewed for a programme looking at what geoengineering scientists could and should do to help save the planet from overheating.  She says we need to draw a distinction between research and the deployment of that technology.
Frontiers’  BBC Radio 4 11/12/13

Not forgetting dementia
Professor John Atack (Biochemistry, Dementia Research Group) explains why it’s right that Cameron and the other G8 leaders should be looking to increase funding and research into Alzheimer’s disease.
BBC Sussex 11/12/13

Acid test
Dr Eddy Viseux (Chemistry) demonstrates some basic science about acids and alkalis in an item on the production of tinned fruit.
Food Unwrapped Channel Four 09/12/13

Mandela remembered
University of Sussex Mandela Scholar Kayaletu Tshiki pays tribute to the late African leader, describing what an inspiration he had been to him and the rest of the world.
BBC Six 0’Clock News 06/12/13

As above.
ITV Meridian 06/12/13

As above.
BBC South East Today 06/12/13

As above.
BBC Sussex 06/12/13

As above.
Juice FM

Mandela’s legacy
Linda Waldman, Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Mandela Scholarship Fund at the University of Sussex, reflected on the life and influence of Nelson Mandela.
LBC Radio 06/12/13

Power struggle
Dr Kamran Matin (International Relations) talked about the negotiations for a US-Iran nuclear deal.
BBC Persian TV 05/12/13.

As above.
BBC Sussex 06/12/13

Nelson Mandela death: Remembering Brighton conference speech
Item and article about Mandela’s links with Sussex, including an interview with one of last year’s Mandela Scholars.
BBC News Sussex 05/12/13  (and BBC South East News – 10.30pm)

Chancellor’s autumn statement
In responding to George Osborne’s Autumn Statement that growth predicitons had improved, Mike Barrow (Economics) predicts it will take time for the economic recovery to trickle through to the high street.
BBC Sussex 05/12/13

Koala love songs amplified by an evolutionary set of lips
Dr David Reby (Psychology)  interviewed about his study with Dr Benjamin Charlton on the surprisingly deep mating call of koala bears.

As above.
BBC Sussex 03/12/13

As above.
BBC Radio 5 Live 03/12/13

Discovery of organ explains koalas' super-bass notes
As above.
Nature.com 02/12/13

Koalas bellow with unique voice organ
As above.
BBC News Online 03/12/13

Press Release

Why do koalas have deep voices? Scientists have the answer...
As above.
CBBC Newsround 03/12/13