A selection of published articles and broadcasts from December 2011 that featured people and events associated with the University of Sussex.

Print and online coverage

It is reliable - but not perfect
Professor Stephen Shute (Law) comments on the use of electronic tagging for offenders.
The Times 31/12/11 

How Physics Got Weird
Dr John Gribben (visiting fellow in Physics and Astronomy) reviews Stephen Hawking's The Dreams that Stuff is Made From.
The Wall Street Journal 24/12/11

Stuart Hood obituary
Political activist and polymath Stuart Hood was a tutor at the University of Sussex in the 1990s.
The Guardian 22/12/11

Myriad celebrates First Fictions
The University of Sussex and independent publisher Myriad Fictions are planning a series of talks and events to celebrate first novels.
The Bookseller 20/12/11
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City Spy: MPs trust animals for economic cure

Sussex alumnus Kurt Hoffman is the new chief executive of the Institute of Philanthropy.
London Evening Standard 09/12/11

Burma's military junta accused of torturing and killing ethnic rebels
Professor Julian Perry Robinson comments on whether chemical weapons might be used by Burma's military junta.
The Guardian 18/12/11

'The day I came out': Celebrities reveal their very personal moments of truth
Sussex alumnus and MP Ben Bradshaw describes how easy it was to be gay as a student at Sussex.
The Independent  17/12/11

Kevin to set off on last of 52 marathons
University of Sussex employee Kevin Betts has run 52 marathons for charity in the past year.
The Argus 17/12/11

Life’s tough; being able to see the ridiculous is a blessing
Interview with University of Sussex Chancellor Sanjeev Bhaskar about how he is likely to spend his Christmas.
The Times (Weekend) 17/12/11

Hungry for success
Two Sussex alumni have set up their own food company, Salad Club.
London Evening Standard 16/12/11

New Mexico City buses cut pollution, generate cash
Professor Peter Newell comments on the UN's carbon-swap funding of Mexico City's public bus system.
Reuters 15/12/11

How Bees Choose Home
Professor Francis Ratnieks (Biology) comments on a study that shows how bees use inhibitory signals when house-hunting, paralleling the human brain's decision-making process.
American Scientist 14/12/11

Archive Watch: Cambridge Digital Library Starts Off by Posting Newton’s Papers
The original works of one of the greatest ever scientists – Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) – have been made available to the world online thanks to a special project that involved the University of Sussex.
The Chronicle of Higher Education Blogs 13/12/11
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Isaac Newton Manuscripts Posted Online By University Of Cambridge
As above
The Huffington Post 12/12/11

Cambridge Digital Library launches with 4000 pages of Newton material
As above 12/12/11

Cambridge gives Newton papers to the world
As above
Creative Boom12/12/11

Why Simon does not have the 'great' factor
Interview with Dr Lucy Robinson (History) about her research into the phenomenon of charity singles.
The Guardian 12/12/11
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A cheap look is the secret of charity single success says researcher
As above.
Third Sector Magazine 20/12/11

Sussex researcher's theory about the perfect Christmas single
As above.
The Argus 24/12/12

EU veto exposes strains in coalition government
Professor Tim Bale (Politics) comments on Cameron and Clegg disagreeing over Europe.
Euronews 11/12/11

Cameron Veto Sees U.K. Alone as Europe Pushes for Fiscal Unity
“There’s been a very profound shift in the Conservative Party from euro-enthusiasm to soft euro-scepticism to hard euro- skepticism,” said Tim Bale, professor of politics at the University of Sussex. “Europe was always going to be the iceberg issue for the Conservatives."
Bloomberg Businessweek 11/12/11

Cameron Brings Britain Full Circle From Heath in Split With Rest of Europe
Bloomberg 09/12/11

Eurozone Crisis: David Cameron’s Survival Guide to the Summit Dinner
Professor Harry Witchel (Psychobiology) gives advice to Cameron on his body language prior to EU summit dinner.
International Business Times 08/12/11

Contempt for vocational study is led by the well-to-do, administrators hear
Chair of the University of Sussex Council, Simon Fanshawe, defends vocational degree courses.
Times Higher Education 08/12/11

Leader: Soul path to course corrections
Referencing the above.
Times Higher Education) 08/12/11

Sussex Salon Series: A Fatal Embrace - Politics and the Media
‘Faculty members from the University of Sussex, Dr An Nguyen, Professors Tim Bale, Paul Webb and Stephen Shute (chair), were joined on the platform by writer and journalist Polly Toynbee for battle royal over the shifting relationships between politics, papers, readers and writers.’
The Argus 07/12/11
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China's New Wave of Economic Immigration
A study by Professor Ronald Skeldon (Sussex Centre for Migration Research) shows that China is going through “one of the most sustained phases of economic development in its history; one that is associated with slow population growth and low-fertility.”
Finance and Business Blog - Q Finance 02/12/11

David Willetts is in danger of creating a 'squeezed middle’ of universities
Professor Michael Farthing, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex, writes that all universities should be free to compete for universities.
Daily Telegraph 01/12/11

Robots colonise the Science Museum
Professor Owen Holland (Sackler Centre for Consciousness) demonstrated the EcceRobot at the Science Museum’s Robotville.
Daily Telegraph 01/12/11


 TV and radio 


Bringing up Britain
Professor Robin Banerjee (Psychology) joined a panel to discuss how young people are afffected by a consumerist culture.
BBC Radio Four 28/12/11

Favourite tweeter
During a discussion about Twitter, Dr Lynne Murphy (English) was named as a top tweeter.
'Woman's Hour, BBC Radio Four 27/12/11 

Band Aid to X-Factor
Dr Lucy Robinson (History) talked about her research into the history of the charity single.
BBC Sussex 26/12/11
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Where the apple fell

Professor Robert Iliffe (History) was interviewed about Sir Isaac Newton's early life in his early home.
BBC 1, 'Flog It' 22/12/11

We're all getting poorer
Professor Richard Dickens (Economics) talked about how the recession is affecting household budgets.
BBC Surrey 13/12/11

Brussels bust-up
Professor Tim Bale (Politics) talked about Cameron's veto of a new EU treaty.
BBC Radio Five Live 11/12/11

EU money talks
Professor Mariana Mazzucato (Spru) talked about the European Council's call for greater fiscal union.
Bloomburg TV 09/12/11

War talk
Dr Kamran Matin (Global Studies) discussed the growing tension between Iran and the West and the prospect of war.
'Safheye' BBC Persian 8/12/11 (repeated 9/12/11)

Blaming badgers
Professor Tim Roper (Biology) talked about why badgers are blamed for bovine tuberculosis.
BBC South East 'Inside Out' 05/12/11