A selection of published articles and broadcasts from January, 2010, that featured people and events associated with the University of Sussex.


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Seven applications for every place at top universities

Applications for the University of Sussex have risen by 32 per cent this year.

31/01/10 Sunday Telegraph


Fighting words

Holocaust survivor Freddie Knoller recounted his experiences at a talk for the University's Centre for German-Jewish Studies.

28/01/10 Times Higher Education Supplement

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Revealed: secrets of a housing millionaire

Alumna Gill Fielding, rental agent, explained how she became so successful.

24/01/10 Sunday Express


'Radio' Poyet turned on by the task at Brighton

New manager of Brighton and Hove Albion, Gus Poyet, explained while training at the University of Sussex's facilities, how much he enjoyed the role. 

22/01/10 The Daily Telegraph


Rising star Ruth Aspden

The work of the University, with assistant head teacher Ruth Aspden to develop special needs equipment, explained.

22/01/10 The Times Educational Supplement 


Sex for grades in Africa's academy

Professor Louise Morley's and Dr Katie Lussier's (Education) research found that sexual harassment is widespread in universities in Ghana and Tanzania.

22/01/10 THE


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25/01/10 This Day


A woman on a mission

Alumna Sonia El Kahal Maclean revealed her plan to create an agency that could dispatch consultants across the world.

19/01/10 The Independent


Are you feeling ruff?

James Williams (Education) explained it is common for people to feel less energetic in winter.

15/01/10 Times Educational Supplement (England, Scotland).


Isaac Newton's falling apple tale drops into the web

Professor Robert Iliffe (History), editorial director for the Newton Project, noted the importance of a new online publication of William Stukeley's memoirs.

18/11/01 The Guardian


Who gets your vote in the baby debate?

Dr Susan Ayers (Psychology) explained it was unreasonable to expect mothers to instinctively care for their babies.

12/01/10 The Times (T2) 


Social studies: A daily miscellany of information

Dr Margaret Couvillon (Biology) noted that Killer Bees failed to out-perform European Honey Bees in learning and memory tests.

11/1/10 The Globe and Mail (Toronto)


Down and out in Wolverhampton

Alumnus Raphael Selbourne discussed the background to his Costa Award-winning new novel, Beauty.

09/01/10 The Times 


No expense spared

Andrew Newell (Economics)  and Dr Ian Gazeley  (History) describe how living standards in Britain have changed in the past 40 years.

09/01/10 The Daily Telegraph 


Positive lyrics keep teens on track

Dr Tobias Greitemeyer's (Psychology) research shows certain music has a positive affect on teenagers.

08/01/10 The Guardian  


Positive lyrics hit home with grumpy teenagers, study says

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04/01/10 The Guardian/ Manchester Evening News


Virtue is rewarded in a reversal of fortune

Institute of Development Studies research revealed people are saving less in Kenya, Zambia, Jamaica and Indonesia.

04/01/10 The Australian Financial Review


Archive funds secured

A new archive centre is to be built at the University, thanks to a joint effort with the local council.

01/01/10 BBC Who Do You Think You Are?





Cameron's time

Dr Tim Bale (Politics) interviewed about his new book charting the recent history of the Tory party, from Thatcher to Cameron.

31/01/10 Westminster Hour BBC Radio 4

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Toxic dump

Professor Gordon Mackerron (Sussex Energy Group) was interviewed about radioactive waste management.

24/01/10 'Country File' BBC1


One year on

Dr Clive Webb (History) talked about the first anniversary of Obama's presidency.

21/01/10 BBC Radio Sussex


Ooh arr just a little bit

Dr Christian Uffmann (English) talked about the disappearance of local accents and the emergence of regional accents.

13/01/10 BBC Radio Sussex


'Witness': 'Revolution at the LSE'

Professor Martin Shaw (International Relations) was interviewed about his experience as a student during protests at the LSE in 1969.

12/01/10 BBC World Service


'Talking History'

Dr Lucy Robinson (History) interviewed about post-traumatic stress disorder and why the Falklands War is seen as particularly traumatic.

10/01/10 Newstalk 


Electric air

Dr Jim Watson (SPRU) was interviewed about the government's offshore wind farm policy.



BBC Radio Wales



Tasty words

Dr Jamie Ward (Psychology) explained about synaesthesia, with a guest who can taste words.

06.12.09 'This Morning' ITV



Local, regional


Worldwide celebration

Coverage of the University of Sussex's winter graduation ceremony/

29/01/10 The Argus

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Turning a degree into a career

Centre for Cities report rated Brighton highly as a city that graduates could get work in.

26/01/10 The Argus


A degree of satisfaction

University's top ranking in student satisfaction poll reported.

21/01/10 The Argus

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'I'm over the moon with OBE'

Alumnus Dr Peter Briggs was awarded an OBE for services to education.

07/01/10 Wandsworth Guardian


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Dr Seb Oliver's (Physics) research has revealed the latest pictures from our galaxy.

02/01/10 The Argus

Press release



University noted for its recent performance in the Centre for Higher Education Development Excellence Ranking 2009.

01/01/10 Midlands Business Insider




Can you make a career out of eventing?

Student  and champion eventer Emily Llewellyn explained the importance of studying as she pursues her equestrian career

28/01/10 Horse and Hounds


Brain 'asymmetry' underlies hypnosis

Professor Zoltan Dienes (Psychology) supported theories that suggest hypnosis involves a switch from left-sided brain activity.

23/01/10 New Scientist


Clarity on Honey Bee collapse

Francis Ratnieks' (Biology) study on Honey Bee mortality published.

08/01/10 Science


Counting their blessings

Research by the Institute of Development Studies revealed that some people were saving less than others.

02/01/10 The Economist


BMJ Group announces its shortlists for awards

Professor Lesley Fallowfield (Life Sciences) nominated for a BMJ Group Lifetime Achievement Award.

02/01/10 British Medical Journal 


Products in action

The University's decision to install energy-efficient windows noted.

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