A selection of published articles and broadcasts from January 2008 that featured events and people associated with the University of Sussex.


A lesser breed?

In a cover story about the proportion of teaching-only staff in academia, Professor Joanne Wright (Pro-Vice-Chancellor) says: "We believe firmly that good teaching needs to be linked with pioneering disciplinary and interdisciplinary research."

THE 31.01.08

Knowledge exchange key to new ideas

"Michael Gibbons, director of science and technology research at Britain's Sussex University, said universities must abandon their centuries-old tradition of linear-knowledge transfer and instead open their doors and minds to knowledge exchange with competitors and students."

The Australian 30.01.08

We need to talk about Kevin

Profile on Sussex alumnus Julian Bellamy, who is the new head of programming for Channel 4.

The Guardian 28.01.08

I could hear the women screaming as they were forced into the showers

A feature article about Professor Ladislaus Lob's account of the 'Hungarian Schindler' Rezso Kasztner. Professor Lob was one of the thousands Jewish people rescued from Belsen by Kasztner.

The Argus 28.01.08

Press release

Cadbury assists cacao farmers

Cadbury announced yesterday that it is setting up a fund to help cacao farmers in Ghana, after researchers found that average production per farmer had fallen to 40% of potential yield. The study by researchers at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex and the University of Accra in Ghana also found the average age of farmers to be 51, and the work becoming less attractive to the next generation.

The Guardian 28.01.08

Cadbury interments aims to raise cocoa crop yield

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The Wall Street Journal (Europe) 29.01.08

Cadbury Increases Sustainable Production

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ABCNews 28.01.08

DJ Cadbury invests in Sustainable Cocoa Productions in Ghana

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Dow Jones 28.01.08

Cadbury Increases Sustainable Productions

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Los Angeles 28.01.08

Fair enough

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The Economist

Cadbury's sweetener for cocoa farmers

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Press Association 27.01.08

Seeing stars

Dr Kathy Romer (Physics and Astronomy) talks about her love for searching the skies. "Astronomy can be very nocturnal. I wake up when the sun goes down and work until six in the morning during observation."

The Argus 28.01.08

Kew signs 'fruitful partnership'

A new collaboration between the University of Sussex and Kew Gardens is looking into how to save some of the world's endangered plant species.

BBC News 24

Press Release

Homes for the mobile

Dr Anne Fechter (Anthropology) contributes to an article about business nomads - the business people who spend their lives travelling from one hotel to another. She says: "The new breed of nomad embraces this lifestyle because of the professional mobility and personal adventure it offers."

Financial Times (Property) 26.01.08

Hard to swallow Vaccination is one of medicine's greatest achievements

Professor Melissa Leach (Institute of Development Studies) contributes to an article about the use and abuse of vaccine programmes. She points out that in the UK Government-mandated vaccinations run counter to recent attempts to give people more choice.

New Scientist 26.01.08

Obituary: Sir Howard Dalton

Sir Howard Dalton, who studied at the University of Sussex, was an influential microbiologist and was appointed chief scientific advisor to the Government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The Guardian 25.01.08

Obituary Sir Howard Dalton

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THE 24.01.08

Obituary: Sir Howard Dalton

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The Independent 19.01.08

She lived life to the full

Robin Tainty, a Sussex MA student who died from cycstic fibrosis, was among those honoured at this year's University of Sussex winter graduation ceremony.

The Argus 25.01.08

Press release

Posthumous award for student who was waiting for transplant

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The Gloucestershire Gazette 31.01.08

Redgrave speaking at film event

Oscar-winning actress and human rights campaigner Vanessa Redgrave is visiting the University of Sussex to talk about and screen Wake up World, a film about the work of UNICEF.

The Argus 25.01.08

Press release

Taking it by degree: universities focus on the issues behind a world on the move

Feature on migration studies, including an interview with Dr Ben Rogaly (Migration Studies) and Sussex postgraduate Sharon Oakley

The Guardian Weekly 25.01.08

Campus food in hot water

A film by Sussex students about how they would like food on campus to change is being incorporated in a University catering review.

The Argus 24.01.08

Obituary: David Pocock

"David Pocock, who has died aged 79, was one of the most influential anthropologists of the last century, not only in terms of his published work but also for his influence on generations of students and his contributions to the University of Sussex at the height of his intellectual fame."

The Guardian 24.01.08

Universe may be tied up with cosmic string

Dr Mark Hindmarsh (Physics and Astronomy) has discovered "hints" of cosmic string - lines of pure mass-energy - in the Universe.

Asian Age 22.01.08

Press release

Cosmic strings tie up the universe?

As above

The Times of India 22.01.08

Cosmic strings observed in background radiation

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New Scientist 21.01.08

String theory slightly preferred....or at least, not disfavoured!

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Canada Free press 21.01.08

A life's journey

"Janine Givati-Teerling, of Sussex University's centre for migration research, says Negev Bedouin are repressed by the Israeli state and 'live on its margins'."

The Guardian 22.01.08

The sounds of the fairground

The Brighton Dome hosted the world premiere of Fairground of Dreams, composed by Professor Martin Butler (Music). Written as a reflection of the Brighton's "vibrant soul", it is the climax of his two-year stint as the BrightonPhilharmonicOrchestra's Composer in Focus.

The Argus 21.01.08

University hosts day of events to observe Holocaust Day

The story of the rescue of hundreds of Jewish children from Nazi death camps by an unassuming English stockbroker is highlighted during a special event to mark Holocaust Memorial Day at the University of Sussex.

Brighton and Hove Leader 17.01.08

Press release

Not so sweet smell of success at Eden

Professor Anthony Moore (Biochemistry) comments on the Titan arum, one of the world's smelliest plants, which has been grown at the Eden project and has now borne fruit for the first time

Cornish Guardian 16.01.08

Press release

New light shed on synaesthesia

Dr Jamie Ward (Psychology) commented on the condition that causes some people to see colours or experience tastes when they think of certain words or numbers.

Daily Telegraph 13.01.08

Caveman Blues

Dr Martin Yeomans (Psychology) says that our brains have never needed an "enough" button. We have not developed the ability to know when to stop eating.

The Times 11.01.08

World banks sees China behind growth

Professor Jim Rollo (Politics and Contemporary European Studies) cast doubt on the World Bank's prediction that global economic growth would be sustained by China and India.

Daily Telegraph 09.01.08

Air traffic control

Dr Peter Scott (Biology) points out that many species of insects do not fly in a straight line because they navigate using scent rather than sight.

The Last Word: The New Scientist 05.01.08

Scientists take on Brown over nuclear plans

Professor Andy Stirling (SPRU) is among a group of scientists and academics condemning the Government's plans to force through a new generation of nuclear power stations.

The Guardian 04.01.08

Great artists take to the road

Professor David Alan Mellor (Art History) is curating one of this year's major touring photographic exhibitions, No Such Thing as Society, which presents a survey of 36 social realist photographers working in Britain between 1967 and 1987.

The Financial Times 02.01.08


Seeing red, feeling blue

Dr Jamie Ward (Psychology) talked about synaesthesia in art, specifically in connection with the composer, and synaesthete, Olivier Messiaen.

'NIghtwaves', BBC Radio 3 28.01.08.

McDonald's makes more money

With the announcement that McDonald's profitability was on the increase, Professor Erik Millstone (Spru) commented critically on the nutritional value of fast food.

World Business Report, BBC World Service 28.01.08

US Primaries

Dr Clive Webb (American Studies) talked about the New Hampshire

Primary vote.

BBC Southern Counties Radio 20.01.08

Brain, words and world

Dr Evelyn Ferstl (Pyschology) lecture on "Gehirn und Sprache: Wie aus Woertern eine Welt entsteht", or in English: "Brain and language: How a world emerges from words", was broadcast on German public radio.

NordwestRadio and Radio Bremen.

20.01.08 and 24.01.08

Cosmic string across the universe

Dr Mark Hindmarsh (Physics and Astronomy) talked about his research that suggests the Universe contains cosmic string - lines of pures mass energy.

BBC Southern Counties Radio 22.01.08

Press release

Recovery team move crash jet

Professor Naser Sayma (Engineering and Design) was called upon to talk about the Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engines in relation to the crash of a Boeing 777 at Heathrow.

'Newsnight', BBC2 18.01.08

Fat lot of good

Professor Erik Millstone (SPRU) commented on the Government's obesity policies.

Dispatches, Channel 4 17.01.08.

Why does music affect us so?

Dr Kathleen Stock (Philosophy) has edited a collection of essays, entitled Philosophers on Music, which was reviewed by writer and philosopher A C Grayling.

'Music Matters', BBC Radio 3, 13.01.08

Scientists and academics say no to new nuclear power stations

Professor Gordon MacKerron (Sussex Energy Group) was interviewed about the Government's plans to force through a new generation of nuclear power stations.

Radio 4 PM 10.01.08

BBC World Service 10.01.08

Newsnight 10.01.08

Swear on it

Dr Gavin Ashenden (University Chaplain) discussed the blasphemy laws.

BBC Southern Counties Radio 09.01.08

How women run peace campaigns

Dr Margaretta Jolly (Continuing Education) was asked to comment on how current British protests against the renewal of Trident submarine reflected women's interests. She argued that the current campaigns do have strong links to earlier women's peace activism, particularly at Greenham Common, and that peace campaigns often indirectly encourage women - and men - to think differently about gender and sexuality.

'Everywoman' Al-Jazeera 06.01.08

Who's in the running to be the next US President?

Professor Paul Taggart (Politics) explained the results of the Iowa caucuses and the prospects for Obama, Clinton and Huckabee in the US presidential race.

BBC Southern Counties Radio 04.01.08

New beginnings

Dr Gavin Ashenden (University Chaplain) talked about the culture of 'the New Year'.

BBC Southern Counties Radio 01.01.08