Winter Graduation

Three pages of news coverage of the University of Sussex Winter Graduation, featuring case studies of DPhil graduates John Hostettler and Gillian Carpenter.

The Argus 30.01.07

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Shot and pushed in a ditch - how the Nazis slaughtered all but one of Natasha's family

Feature article on newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky's ancestors, the subject of a BBC "Who do you think you are?" programme, which includes Natasha's father, University of Sussex lecturer Professor Raphael Kaplinsky.

Daily Mail 25.01.07

Study allays fears over rush to file gene patents

A new study by Dr Michael M Hopkins, Dr Surya Mahdi, Mr Pari Patel and Professor Sandy M Thomas at SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research, at the University of Sussex, UK, shows that the great gene patenting rush of the 1990s has produced few actual patents.

Financial Times 29.01.07

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Our willing executioners

Holocaust Memorial Day underlines the madness of maintaining Britain's murderous capabilities, says Canon Paul Oestreicher, Quaker chaplain to the University of Sussex.

The Guardian 27.01.07

Business pioneers off to the US

"Two University of Sussex graduates, Joshua Seal and Will Griffiths, are heading to America to develop their business ideas. Both were selected to take part in a six-month scholarship programme at the Ewin Marion Kauffman Foundation centre in Missouri.

The Argus, 27.01.07

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Inmate tells of war ghetto

"A Holocaust survivor's harrowing account of the Krakow ghetto forms part of a special commemoration at the University of Sussex."

The Argus 25.01.07

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Turning a wobbly table will make it steady

Research begun by Sussex mathematician Dr Roger Fenn into the problems of wobbly tables is revisited more than 30 years later. The solution? Rotate the table.

Scientific American.com 25.01.07

Community centred

In a page feature about initiatives to recruit engineering students, University of Sussex professor of automotive engineering Richard Stobart gives the low-down on the University's new Engineering for Society Degree, which is designed to entice more women into the profession.

Professional Engineering 24.01.07

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Birds hit by oil as pumping is delayed

"John Zhou, a lecturer in environmental science at the University of Sussex, said such large quantities of oil could cause hazard to marine organisms as well as sea birds. Depending on the type of oil on board, they may stay in the environment for a long time."

The Times 23.01.07

Chemicals from beached ship threaten wildlife

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LSE news story Monday, 22nd January

Expert takes TV star back to Stone Age

Survival expert Ray Mears took advice from University of Sussex geology lecturer Dr Richard Carter for his latest series, Wild Food.

The Argus 17.01.07

My amazing story, by McEwan's 'lost' brother

Feature about the extraordinary story of novelist Ian McEwan's brother, David, who was born illegitimately and given up for adoption at a railway station in 1942. Ian McEwan is a University of Sussex graduate.

The Daily Telegraph 17.01.07


University of Sussex physicist Dr Jonathan Hare has been working with schoolchildren across Sussex, showing them how to make electricity out of a potato.

The Leader 12.01.07

Can Bill make robots a reality?

In a feature looking at Microsoft founder Bill Gates' aim to launch an operating system for robots, Blay Whitby, robot ethicist at the University of Sussex, says: "I'm worried about just one company having so much control over our lives."

London Lite 11.01.2007

What's all the fuss about sodomy?

History lecturer Dr Lucy Robinson writes a colourful response to the protest by religious groups over the House of Lords backing new laws to protect gay rights.

The Guardian 11.01.07

Lung disease victims are 'let down'

The law is failing workers who contract terminal lung diseases after working with asbestos, claims Dr Linda Waldman, an expert in the social impact of industrial diseases. Dr Waldman, a fellow of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, interviewed a group of Dagenham laggers as part of her research.

Ilford and Redbridge Post, 10.01.07

Bard, not bored

Some teachers' voices induce narcolepsy in the classroom. But Ann Thomas, who set up the University of Sussex's voice training programme, describes how her trainee teachers receive sessions on how to use and protect their voices, as well as advice on pitch, breathing and resonance.

Times Educational Supplement 05.01.07

20 great ways to wellbeing

According to a feature looking at how to improve your health in 2007: "Sunlight can have beneficial effects and may protect against autoimmune diseases including type1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, say researchers at the University of Sussex."

The Independent 02.01.07

Quiet please

"According to Dr Michael Bull, a media lecturer at Sussex University, we have become so conditioned to noise that we now feel uncomfortable without it, causing us to switch on the TV the minute we get home and constantly plug into our IPods."

Inside Out, January 2007


Happy 70th Birthday Mass-Observation

Dorothy Sheridan (Special Collections) talked about the continuing significance of the Mass-Observation Archive.

BBC Radio 4's Today programme 29.01.07

Bush admits America's addiction to oil

Dr Alister Scott (Sussex Energy Group), commented on George Bush's State of the Union Speech, in which the President admits the US needs to spend more on clean energy research.

BBC World Service 24.01.07

The long and winding river

Geoff Mead (Landscape Studies) accompanied Charlie Dimmock for a stroll along the river Cuckmere

for a new television series.

River Walks, Meridian TV 18.01.07

Windmills of the mind

Dr Jim Watson (Sussex Energy Group) explained the technology of wind turbines.

BBC TV South East 16.01.07

The far right of Europe

Dr Tim Bale (politics) talked about the strength of the far right in EU politics, following the results of European parliamentary elections.

Broadcasting House, BBC Radio 4, 14.01.07

Blair travel

Dr Alister Scott (Sussex Energy Group) responded to Tony Blair's statement that people should be able to fly on planes, and that it was up to science to come up with greener methods of air travel.

BBC Southern Counties Radio, 9.01.07

The green 'geek' of the week

Dr Jim Watson (Spru) became the clean energy geek for a special week of films about the cutting edge of techonology.

Newsnight, BBC 2, 9.01.07

Home income

Dr Gerry Holloway (life history and women's studies), was interviewed about the historical and contemporary practice of working from home.

Working From Home, BBC Radio 4 08.01.07