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We must accelerate transitions for sustainability and climate change, experts say

21 September 2017

Policy Forum in Science suggests that rapid changes in electricity, heat, buildings, industry and mobility are needed.

Sussex proud to be part of major new project to explore mysteries of the universe

21 September 2017

The University of Sussex is heavily involved in a world-leading particle physics experiment that has just received substantial UK Government backing.

New free history website traces lives of transported and imprisoned British convicts

21 September 2017

Follow the lives of people convicted and transported to Australia or imprisoned in Britain using a vast, new, free online resource.

Some scenes from Freshers' Fair 2017

20 September 2017

Rain didn't stop play at this year's activities and opportunities Freshers' Fair.

‘Confusion and resistance’ slows down UK smart meter roll-out

18 September 2017

A new study by researchers at the University of Sussex explains why the smart meter roll-out in the UK has not met its targets.

Visiting Nobel scientists give advice to Sussex students

14 September 2017

The University of Sussex has welcomed not one but two Nobel Prize winning scientists to its Falmer campus this week.

Saul Becker starts in post as Deputy Vice-Chancellor

14 September 2017

Professor Saul Becker has taken up his post as Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Sussex, reporting to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Adam Tickell.

A UK-EU free trade deal could cushion Brexit blow in certain sectors, research shows

14 September 2017

An FTA between the UK and the EU can retain benefits of the Single Market and Customs Union in some sectors but not to current levels.

Scientists discover a new way to control memory

13 September 2017

The workings of a ‘traffic light system’ in the brain, which plays a key role in how new memories are formed, have been detailed for the first time.

Largest child’s brain ever recorded helps scientists treat disease linked to autism and epilepsy

8 September 2017

Studies of the largest brain ever recorded in a child, discover genetic defect which causes a rare disease linked to overgrowth, autism and epilepsy.

Items 31 to 40 of 1417

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