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Students rate Sussex at sixth for teaching and learning

19 January 2010

A new national survey of student opinion ranks the University of Sussex at sixth in the UK for its teaching and learning

Flight and fight: University reflects on the Holocaust

18 January 2010

A Holocaust survivor’s account of Nazi persecution will feature in Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations at the University of Sussex on January 27.

Concerted effort needed to save the honey bee

18 January 2010

Professor Francis Ratnieks and Norman Carreck sum up the latest news about research into the worrying loss of honey bee colonies worldwide.

Brain protein holds the key for understanding drug addiction

15 January 2010

Sussex researchers give a new explanation for how the brain becomes wired towards drug addiction at the expense of other rewards.

Sussex diary date with Rory Bremner and Victoria Wood

12 January 2010

Rory Bremner and Victoria Wood dipped into the Mass Observation Archive at Sussex for a TV programme about diaries on BBC 4.

Research to reveal history of British living standards

12 January 2010

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan famously declared that Britons had “never had it so good” in the 1950s. Sussex researcher will explain how.

Sussex physicists’ breakthrough in the challenge to build a large scale, super-fast computer

7 January 2010

A team of University of Sussex scientists have made another significant step towards the development of a large-scale, super-fast quantum computer.

Review of the decade

5 January 2010

We take a look back at some of the University of Sussex stories that captured the headlines during the past decade.

Herschel looks back to galaxies of 12 billion years ago

21 December 2009

Physicist Dr Seb Oliver has revealed new images of deep space from 12 billion years ago.

Sussex ecologist’s lectures are a Christmas TV hit

21 December 2009

Ecologist Sue Hartley will be one of the festive TV highlights of 2009 as her Royal Institution Christmas lectures are screened this week.

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