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On the ant trail: BBC's One Show films research at LASI

13 July 2010

The BBC's One Show has re-visited the University of Sussex Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects, but this time the focus was on ants rather...

Researchers explore the impact of social networking on shyness

5 July 2010

Researchers at the University of Sussex are working on how we can engage with the digital revolution without holding our lives up for scrutiny.

Sussex scientist reveals detailed view of far galaxies

5 July 2010

Amazing new views of distant galaxies from billions of years ago have been released by a space project led by a University of Sussex scientist.

Waitrose helps researchers to decode bee waggle dance

25 June 2010

Waitrose has donated £67,500 to research at Sussex to decode the honey bees’ famous “waggle dance”.

An ant’s eye view of the world at the Royal Society science festival

25 June 2010

Do you think you can outsmart an ant? That's the challenge being set by University of Sussex scientists at the Royal Society's summer festival.

Research team's non-contact sensors set to transform telecare heart monitoring

23 June 2010

Sensors that can detect a heartbeat up to a metre away are now a reality thanks to a team of scientists at the University of Sussex.

Student engineers aim for a winning Formula

22 June 2010

Student engineers have launched the racing car they have built to race in the 2010 international Formula Student competition at Silverstone in July.

Science should aid poor not war, says STEPS report

16 June 2010

Scientific and technology are failing to help the developing world cope with challenges such as climate change, disease and poverty, warn researchers.

Sussex Nobel winner’s ‘football’ molecule research listed in top 10 discoveries

16 June 2010

Nobel winner Professor Harry Kroto's buckball research has been named as one of the ten most important discoveries made at UK universities.

Sussex student tackles tube train redesign

14 June 2010

Design student Dan Headden’s redesigned tube-train interior could help to improve the experience of travelling on the Underground.

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