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How sociable southern bees adapt to a solitary life up North

5 November 2010

Warm weather makes for a sociable sweat bee – and for some surprising behavioural flexibility, new research reveals.

Brave new world or same old spin? Politics in the spotlight at the Sussex Salon debate

2 November 2010

Post expenses scandal and mid coalition, have we entered a 'new politics'? Or is it business as usual behind the spin at Westminster?

Medical records: Privacy versus the public good

15 October 2010

Is it right to allow people’s private medical records to be used in research?

Breaking the code: how your DNA can cause – and avoid – disease

15 October 2010

Professor Alan Lehmann will give a public lecture on the importance of DNA damage and repair in the study of human disease.

Music in mind: science and art explore the conscious brain

15 October 2010

How do billions of neurons inside our heads generate the experience of a melody?

Why it takes guts to be a happy, healthy human

15 October 2010

Are yoghurt and baked beans really good for you? Can tummy bugs be friendly bugs? Are we too squeaky clean these days for our own good?

Art and University science unite for Ropetackle festival

15 October 2010

Four leading academics will take to the stage with musicians, artists, actors and students to share the wonder of science this month (October 19-30).

Why unhealthy children can’t keep up in class: New study looks at health, wealth and inequality

15 October 2010

Does a child’s access to education affect health and economic prospects? University of Sussex researchers are seeking answers in a new study.

Wanted: People with the maths and communication skills to save our planet!

11 October 2010

University of Sussex Deputy Vice-Chancellor Bob Allison has helped to launch a report warning against a skills gap in the UK’s environment sector.

Sussex and Brighton Universities’ £1bn boost to the UK economy

7 October 2010

Sussex and Brighton universities contribute more than £1b into the UK economy, a new report released today shows.

Items 1241 to 1250 of 1417

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