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hate crimes

Hate crime affects whole communities, not just the targeted victims

A major five-year study from the University of Sussex shows that hate crime affects entire communities, rather than just the individuals that are targeted.

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Leave-voting regions are "most exposed" to Brexit services shock  

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31 of Sussex's past honorary graduates you might have heard of...

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Can AI ever match human intelligence?

Sussex Professor Maggie Boden thinks its 'sheer fantasy' that artificial intelligence could ever match the human mind...


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Our University 

31 of Sussex's past honorary graduates you might have heard of ...

12 January 2018

The University of Sussex's Winter Graduation ceremonies take place next week and the University will be awarding two new honorary degrees.

Tech trio wins University of Sussex-sponsored education prize at Future Awards Africa

13 December 2017

A trio, whose app has helped millions of young Nigerians practice for important exams, has won the Future Awards Africa Prize for Education.

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Our people

Final 10 announced in student entrepreneur competition

20 December 2017

The 10 finalists of a student entrepreneur competition have been announced.

Sussex highlights student mental health at Parliamentary reception

30 November 2017

Government ministers, MPs and peers join staff and students to hear about University’s work on improving young people’s mental health.

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Our research

Hate crime affects whole communities, not just the targeted victims, finds University of Sussex study

12 January 2018

The study calls for more: community impact statements, restorative justice, and dedicated specially trained police officers.

Leave-voting regions are “most exposed” to Brexit services shock

11 January 2018

Two of the biggest Brexit-voting regions would be hit hardest by a potential fall in services exports upon leaving the EU, new analysis suggests.

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