Department of Mathematics

Intensive Research Week 2015

New Perspectives in Analysis and Probability

A workshop (intensive research week) on New Perspectives in Analysis and Probability will take place at the Department of Mathematics, University of Sussex from Monday 2 to Friday 6 March 2015. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss recent developments in these areas, and to explore future directions for common interaction. This is also the occasion to celebrate the new appointments of several lecturers and professors at Sussex. The workshop consists of five one-day mini-conferences, each devoted to a special topic:

  • Monday 2 March: Quantum Systems, Probability and Non-local Operators
  • Tuesday 3 March: Phase Transitions
  • Wednesday 4 March: Geometric Structures in Materials
  • Thursday 5 March: Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
  • Friday 6 March: Random Media

Full Schedule for the Week.   Intensive Research Week Poster (280K, 2400K)

Invited Speakers include:

  • Marton Balazs (Bristol)
  • David Bourne (Durham)
  • Nicolas Dirr (Cardiff)
  • Francesco Ghiraldin (Zurich)
  • Eva-Maria Graefe (London)
  • Stefan Grosskinsky (Warwick)
  • Vassili Kolokoltsov (Warwick)
  • József Lörinczi (Loughborough)
  • Apala Majumdar (Bath)
  • Lucia Scardia (Bath)
  • Daniel Ueltschi (Warwick)
  • Nikolaos Zygouras (Warwick)

The meeting is supported by LMS Conference Grants, by the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, and by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Sussex, and is organised by

  • Filippo Cagnetti
  • Nicos Georgiou
  • Michael Melgaard
  • Mariapia Palombaro
  • Enrico Scalas
  • Dimitrios Tsagkarogiannis