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Current group members


Dr Sarah Brotherton

Postodoctoral research fellow on Wetland Exploitation


Dr Lauren Coad

Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Photo of Martin Jung  

Martin Jung

Environmental Science PhD student (2015-2019)
Owen Middleton - University of Sussex

Owen Middleton

PhD student in Biology (2017-2021)
Jorn Scharlemann

Dr Jörn P.W. Scharlemann

Professor of Conservation Science 
+44 (0)1273 873502



Past Postdocs & PhD students
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Dr Nick Balfour

Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Sussex (2016)

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Dr Elizabeth Clarke (nee Farmer)

Programme Officer, Science Unit, UNEP-WCMC (2010-2013)

Currently post-doctoral researcher University of Edinburgh

Claudia Gray

Dr Claudia L. Gray

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Sussex (2015-2016)

Currently EDGE conservation biologist, Zoological Society of London

Dan Ingram


Daniel Ingram

Quantitative Ecology PhD student (2013-2017)

Currently Research Assistant Centre for Biodiveristy and Environment Research, UCL

Missing photo Dr Mike Harfoot


Postdoctoral researcher, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Currently Senior Ecosystem Modelling Scientist, UNEP-WCMC
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Dr Richard Lane

Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Sussex (2016)


Missing photo Cecilia Larrosa


Assistant Programme Officer, Science Unit, UNEP-WCMC (2011-2012)

Currently PhD student National University of Singapore & Imperial College
 Missing photo Dr Tim Newbold


Postdoctoral researcher, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Currently postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research (CBER), University College London
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Edwin L Pynegar

Visiting PhD student (2015-2017)
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Dr Derek Tittensor

Postdoctoral researcher, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Currently Senior Marine Biodiversity Scientist, UNEP-WCMC and Adjunct Professor, Biology Department, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Past undergraduate students

Connor Sullivan, Junior Research Associate, University of Sussex, 2018, Change in terrestrial wild animal exploitation in Europe

Clara Opper, University of Sussex, 2018, Is land degradation neutrality feasible in the timeframe set by the Sustainable Development Goals?

Harry Phillips, University of Sussex, 2018,  Assessing the sustainability of shark ecotourism

Jessica-Lee Cole, University of Sussex, 2018,  The environmental impacts of meats and meat-alternatives: A literature review

Joseph Clifford, University of Sussex, 2018, The effects of intensive agriculture on pollinators and alternative practices – A review

Scarlett Collier, University of Sussex, 2018, Is it possible to make an essential shift away from traditional intensive agriculture towards novel farming techniques?

Lois Parker, University of Sussex, 2017, Changing laying date as a measure of changing bird phenology - is climatge change a factor?

Rayman Sandhur, University of Sussex, 2017, Climate change and its effect on UK bird species phenology

Kate Surplice, University of Sussex, 2016, A literature review on the effect of diet choice on the envrionment.

Josh Marchant, University of Sussex, 2016, The long-term effects of climate change on the phenology of UK birds: using clutch cards as a source of long-term data. Became an MSc student, University of Exeter

Layla Bahrami, University of Sussex, 2015, Assessing biases in existing literature on terrestrial species in riparian reserves and the implications for policy

Rosalie Brooks, University of Sussex, 2015, Temperature change effects on wild bird laying using museum egg collections.

Rhiannon Glor, University of Sussex, 2015, Can economic growth improve the quality of the global environment?

Phoebe Laidlaw, University of Sussex, 2015, The impacts of genetically modified crops on biodiversity and the possibility of their future use in the UK and beyond

Bailie Hemphill, University of Sussex, Summer student 2014, Became a MSc Environmental Technology student, Imperial College London.

Rhiannon Glor, University of Sussex, Summer student 2014

Laura Marcinkiene, University of Sussex, 2014, Can food packaging help to protect the environment by reducing food waste?

Gabrielle Millar-Cahill, University of Sussex, 2014, Agricultural sustainability and diversity: Cultural, agricultural and biological.

Sam Parlett, University of Sussex, 2014, Why ecolabels are flawed and how we might work towards a better system of environmental performance labelling

Molly Manwill, University of Sussex, 2014, What is the most sustainable way to buy agricultural products in the UK—a case study of tomatoes.

Amelia De Salis, University of Sussex, 2013, A meta-analysis of climate change impacts on avian biological systems.


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