Scharlemann Lab


Collaborative projects

OFFTAKE quantifying exploitation of terrestrial wild species globally

PREDICTS Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems

Madingley Model



Most environmental problems are complex and requires expertise in multiple fields. Most of our work is collaborative. Below some of our main collaborators:

Andy Purvis (Natural History Museum London & Imperial College London)

Anne Muggeridge (Imperial College London)

Derek Tittensor (UNEP-WCMC, Microsoft Research Cambridge, Dalhousie University)

Drew Purves (Microsoft Research Cambridge)

Felix Eigenbrod (University of Southampton)

Gail Taylor (University of Southampton)

Gareth Brown (Imperial College London)

Georgina Mace (University College London)

Lauren Coad (University of Oxford)

Liz Farmer (UNEP-WCMC)

Mike Harfoot (UNEP-WCMC & Microsoft Research Cambridge)

Neil Burgess (UNEP-WCMC)

Rob Ewers (Imperial College London)

Rob Holland (University of Southampton)

Stuart Butchart (BirdLife International)

Tim Newbold (UNEP-WCMC & Microsoft Research Cambridge)

Valerie Kapos (UNEP-WCMC)