Planned impact

The research will principally impact two main groups outside of academia:

1. Third sector and wider public, including landowners

Working in partnership with The Woodland Trust - the UK's largest woodland conservation charity with over 500,000 members and supporters and more than 1,000 sites in the UK - the project will contribute a new historical and socio-legal perspective on human-forest relations in England to the body of policy-oriented forest research currently being produced by the third sector.

It will also increase public awareness of the intrinsic and extrinsic value of forests, the cultural, legal and social history of human-forest relations in England and the role of law in their plunder and conservation, and enhance cultural enrichment of the general public and landowners around ‘shared values’ and environmental responsibility.

Aspects of the research will be published in an open access format for wide educational dissemination and use in schools, colleges, universities and by forest educational charities, leading to new learning and understanding on the history of human-forest relations, rights and responsibilities, which may be integrated into existing programmes in land law, forestry and environmental governance.

2. Policymakers and public sector agencies

Working in partnership with Forest Research - the principal organisation for forestry and tree-related research in the UK - the project will contribute to contemporary policy debates on law and environmental sustainability, forest conservation and climate change.

The project will inform discussion among researchers, practitioners and policymakers in the UK and internationally, on how forest laws could be developed to make responsibility for the environment, sustainable land use and the equitable sharing of forest resources the central focus. 

Key findings from the research will be disseminated through an open access policy brief and an international conference paper presentation. These in turn have the potential to impact on public and private sector land management and law reform at a national and global level.