Sussex Centre for Language Studies

Open courses in modern languages

Courses are offered at a variety of levels in the following languages: Arabic, British Sign Language, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Most courses start in late September/early October, but some are also available to begin study in late January/early February.

Our affordable, fun, comprehensive language courses are designed to fit your lifestyle, with a range of lunchtime and evening sessions on offer. Many of our tutors also teach at degree level, and they take pride in tailoring your course to meet your learning goals. To help you choose the right level for you, our course levels are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Our language courses are open to everyone – members of the public (aged 18 and over), University of Sussex students and staff are all welcome! Learners build confidence in communicating in the target language through games, media, and immersive teaching. You’ll join a diverse group of learners of all ages and backgrounds who are passionate about languages, want to stand out to future employers, or wish to communicate better with friends, relatives, or when travelling.

You’ll have access to our Language Learning Centre, where you can enjoy foreign language films, TV, magazines and newspapers. We offer you a Rosetta Stone account during your course as an additional resource to support your language learning outside of the classroom. You can also benefit from the Language Café organised by the University of Sussex Students Union, and our termly Language and Culture seminar programme; past speakers have included an award-winning translator, poets and academics at the cutting-edge of language, culture and communication research.

COVID-19 update – We will be continuing to teach online during the Spring Term (Jan-Apr/May) 2022