Sussex Centre for Language Studies

Frequently asked questions

What do the terms 'pathway', ‘electives’, ‘award’, ‘credits’ refer to?

Language elective pathways enable students on single honours degree courses to study one language alongside their main subject discipline.

A two year 60 credit pathway leads to an award of ‘... with proficiency in (a language)’; or ‘... with French/Spanish for Professional Purposes’

For example:
BA (Hons) in International Relations with proficiency in Arabic (Intermediate)
BA (Hons) in Film Studies with Spanish for Professional Purposes

A three year 90 credit pathway leads to an award of ‘… with (a language)’

For example:
BSc (Hons) in Psychology with French (CEFR C1). 

Each module is worth 15 credits so over four or six consecutive terms you make progress and cumulate 60 or 90 credits. This is called a pathway.

Language elective modules are typically named French Ab initio A; Japanese Intermediate B; Spanish Advanced A etc.
It is possible to study fewer than 60 credits in language electives but you would not then be entitled to the pathway award.

How do I know which level to choose and register for?

Study the table of levels; if you studied here in the previous term you will progress to the next level. If you are at an inappropriate level you will be advised to change. If you have not studied here before you can use the contact email addresses to request the advice of the Course Coordinator, a tutor or to arrange to carry out a placement test.

How will my study of a language be recognised?

Each module is worth 15 credits and will count towards your degree. See Definitions above.

What do I do if I have no credits available?

SCLS offers an extensive range of extra-curricular language courses. Look at the courses on the Open Courses/Languages for Life pages. 

I have a good A level pass in French/Spanish – can I study at Advanced level?

For French and Spanish, it is possible to study at advanced level with the Professional Purposes pathway modules: this pathway offers elements relevant to your major subject and employability. For all other languages the pathways are designed to encourage language acquisition from beginner level up to level B2 of CEFR.

Can I change groups?

You will only be able to change groups during the first two weeks of term if places are available. The decision will be taken by your tutor, the module convenor and the pathways convenor.

Can I study more than one language on the elective pathway?

It is not possible to study two different languages on a language pathway. You can study an additional language under the Open Courses/Languages for Life programme but you must be careful to spread your workload. There is a considerable time commitment involved in learning any language and in order to make the best progress you will be encouraged to focus on one additional language.

Do I pay an additional fee for an elective language module?

Language pathways are only open to current students for whom language electives appear as an option in their degree course guide, therefore you will not be charged an additional fee. Refer to the Open Courses/Languages for Life programme if you are not eligible.