Sussex Centre for Language Studies

Module content

How you study

We run a range of modules, timetabled as two sessions per week. Each module involves a combination of class time and directed study time. You will need to allow a considerable amount of personal study time (around eight hours each week) in order to make the anticipated progress. Your progress is continuously assessed throughout the modules and some assessments count towards your final grade.

What you study

To give you an idea of the structure of the language modules, please refer to the following examples of Pathway entry modules available:


Language modules follow the elective academic calendar and will show on your individual timetable. First year modules within the Language pathways are timetabled at set times: Monday 9am-10.50am; Tuesday 1pm-2.50pm; Thursday 11am-12.50pm.

Course materials

For most modules from Beginner to Advanced level you will need to purchase or loan a course book and have access to a good bilingual dictionary. If you are studying at higher levels you will also find useful a grammar and verb reference. Further details will be available on your Reading List, the module Canvas (VLE) site or from your tutor.

Resources and facilities

Where available you will be encouraged to make use of electronic materials and tools on the VLE (Canvas) and the Language Learning Centre resources and facilities. You will also be encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as the Language Café where you can meet other language learners, visiting, exchange, and international students. More information will be available from your tutors.